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Beauty is something which lies inside you and you can just enhance it by doing some work. We do lots of things to make ourselves more attractive than we actually look. How to become attractive? For being more attractive, you have to do work on yourself. Inner improvements are also important just like your external looks. You can improve some basic points to look attractive like being confident, dressing sense, taking care of your body. Being attractive can help you to look different from others and let the one fall for whom you are looking? You don’t need to go for big transformation but if you start doing some little things can help you to look more attractive than before.

Guide to Look More Attractive

Be confident

Confidence can bring magic in you. It is something which instantly attract the person standing in front of you. It is because confident people looks comfortable with others, they express what they feel and help other persons to be comfortable as well. Your body language, the way you walk, the way you talk, your eye-contact with others are some points which can help you to be confident. Confidence is not magic at all which can happen overnight but yes you can level up your confidence by practising it. If you are shy by nature then just fake it up.

Your own thinking matters a lot. People will give you complement later but you gonna judge yourself just after getting ready. What we mean from this? Never give yourself negative complements. Negativity is such a powerful thing which can ruin your whole look. Be positive, Be attractive.

Take shower regularly

If you are smelling bad then nobody will love to be around you. Taking shower will not only help you to be relaxed but it is also necessary for your personal hygiene. Try to take shower every 1-2 days. Use body wash or soap and shampoo to cleanse your body and hairs and to get rid of sweat smell. Condition your hair with any suitable conditioner, apply it dairy for non- frizzy hair. After you have dried off, apply any favourable deodorant.

Wash your face

You should wash your face twice a day so your face may look clean and stress free. Whenever, we wash our face we feel relaxed and calm which makes us more active and we can naturally communicate with others without faking it up. Choose cleanser which suits your skin and wash twice a day.

Brush twice a day

Brush your teeth twice a day. Brush them for at least two minutes once in the morning and once in the night before going to bed. Generally, we all brush our teeth once a day. But pay attention to your toothpaste as well. Healthy and white teeth can give you cute and attractive smile. Use mouthwash to kill all bacteria in your mouth and clean your tongue as well.

If your daily toothpaste does not whiten and brighten your teeth, you can either change it and get new one or get teeth whitener.

Do shave

We all have some unnecessary hair which irritate us and make us feel dirty. Shaving can give your skin shine and make it smooth. Although this step is not required for everybody yet some people do this because of long and thick hair. Some people feel theirselves more attractive when shave off their hair. You can shave during the shower. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after shaving. Avoid shaving if you have more sensitive skin and rashes or cuts.

Keep good posture

Your body language defines a lot about you. Always keep your posture correct. The way you stands or sit define, how you are? Lazy or active, confident or unconfident. Moreover, posture also helps you to look better and make you more attractive.

Don’t hide your body

People try to hide some parts of the body like underarm, thighs, hips, shoulders. Don’t try to hide your body. These are some body parts which let others fall for you. Feel free to wear shorts, off-shoulder tops, crop tops. Go with clothes which show off your figure and contribute in making you more attractive.

Wear bright colours

Bright colour makes you notice everywhere. Bright colours can make you feel more confident and look positive. You can go for red colour, which is also known as the colour of power. Generally, not every colour suits everyone, so go check out which colour suits you most.

Don’t wear big clothes

You can wear big clothes at your home in respect of your comfort zone. Avoid wearing big clothes while you going out because they may make you to look fatty and even short too. Try to go for clothes according to your shape. But don’t wear tight clothes, they will not make you attractive but yes they can make you uncomfortable and nobody can look attractive who is uncomfortable.

Move in style

The way you walk, matters too much. It means move with grace, when you walk, you should have control over your body. Keep posture right when walk or sit. Keep your head straight, don’t look down until it is necessary. It makes you more attractive.

Be funny

No one likes to be around such a serious person, who don’t laugh, don’t talk and always be busy within himself / herself. Don’t take yourself too seriously and even humor makes you more confident and chilling person. People easily get bored with serious person and will not share anything to you because they will not get you that much close. Your humor make others comfortable. If you are not such a funny kinda person then it’s alright too, try to be talkative person so that others don’t feel bore around you. If you don’t have anything to talk then start asking question.

It’s ok to do mistakes

Nobody is perfect around you so if you do any mistake or slipped (which is so common) by chance then there is nothing to feel hesitate or shame. To do mistakes is natural, just accept them and apologize.

Be humble

Don’t behave rude, be humble. Selflessness is that quality which is capable to attract others so easily. Be kind hearted so that people can easily share their thoughts and conditions to you without having fear of being judged.

Be happy

It is the last point here but we all should keep it on the top. Happiness spread positivity and positive things attract people more. Every person has some problems in their life so they don’t want more new problems to hear. They want someone who can make them happy too and this can be possible only when you are happy. You may have heard who don’t love himself, can’t love others, similarly, the person who is not happy himself, he can’t make others happy.

Hopefully, these guidelines will help you to look more attractive.