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Classy Yet Elegant Low Maintenance Haircuts For Ladies

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We know there are many reasons why you can opt for a haircut that is easy to do and of course with minimal maintenance. Have you ever styled your hair screamingly in a hurry? Sometimes you don’t want to waste time on that! How great it would be if you could just wash your hair, blow-dry your hair and be free. The best part about low-maintenance haircuts and hairstyles is that they don’t have to be boring all the time. In fact, styling them can be easy but classy at the same time. Fortunately for you, most importantly, it is quite possible to choose the right haircut.

In this article, we bring you all the best low-maintenance hairstyles that will leave you looking neat with minimal effort. There are plenty of options that don’t require styling, and we’re ready to introduce you to them.

20 Lazy Haircuts That Do Not Require Styling

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A Little History

Vidal Sassoon, who invented the hairstyles of the same name, was the founder of the hairstyles that made life easier for girls. Now it’s become a movement called “Wash and goes”, and why do you think you hate styling alone? Ready to join the movement?

Haircuts Without Laying: The Rules

The most important thing to remember is that if you don’t want to spend time on styling anymore, stop fighting with nature! How often do girls with curly hair straighten their hair and vice versa, straight hair is constantly being curled. It takes a lot of time, and the hair spoils hopelessly. Therefore, turn to a competent stylist who can advise you to get a haircut, which will emphasize your advantages and will not “argue” with the texture of your hair.

Therefore, trying to save valuable time on styling, do not neglect the care of your curls.

Haircuts That Do Not Require Styling For Straight Hair

Straight hair often needs extra volume, so to avoid the need for a hairdryer, ask the stylist to add layers. And you can do it regardless of the length of your hair. Or you can choose to have your hair cut with even and clear edges, and it’s also easy to lie down.


Pixie With A Long Bangs

Pixie With A Bangs On His Forehead

Short Bun

Long Hair



Haircuts That Don’t Need Styling For Wavy Hair

If you have wavy hair, congratulations, you’re lucky! If you hate styling, the easiest thing to do is to get a good haircut. The structure of your hair allows you to experiment with both the length and shape of your haircut, so don’t miss this opportunity. In the meantime, we’ll be a little jealous of you. Your options are beans, pixies, carrets, graduations, and cascades.

Short Haircut For Wavy Hair

The Best Hairstyles For Those Who Hate Styling: Curly Hair

You can play with curly hair. The problem with curly girls is that if you cut their hair in a straight line, you can get the effect of Maya or Angela Davis bees. And if you go too far with the layers, the ends often look too rare. So look for the “right” master, who will make you a haircut, taking into account all your features. Fortunately, you have many options, you can afford even a very short haircut.

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Structured Haircut

A haircut to the shoulders

Straight cut haircut




Haircuts For Those Who Hate Styling: Photos

Do you think these are the only options? No! To make sure of that, we’ve collected the best haircut options without a hairstyle. Look how others do without styling.

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