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Maya Ray Thurman Hawke is an American actress, model, and singer-songwriter, she began her modeling career before making her debut in the 2017 BBC production of Little Women as Jo March, and later on, she gained worldwide popularity and recognition through the science fiction series Stranger Things on Netflix where she plays the role of Robin Buckley. The actress Uma Thurman and the actor Ethan Hawke her parents and Hawke began their modeling careers as Vogue models.

About Maya Hawke

Born (Date & Place) 8 July 1998 New York, New York, United States
Full Name Maya Hawke
Nicknames Maya
Height 5 Feets 6 Inches
Age  24 years
Popular Movies/TV Series Fear Street: Part One, Stranger Things, Little Women, Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood, Maya Hawke: Sweet Tooth, Maya Hawke: Thérèse, Bay of Cadiz
Debut Little Woman
Net Worth $ 3 Million (Approx)


Maya Hawke’s Outfit and Accessories

The Bossy Babe, Maya In Long Beige Coat And Blue Jeans

The Bossy Babe, Maya In Long Beige Coat And Blue Jeans

Comfort and loose-fit shirts and hats seem to be her way of expressing her fashion aesthetic. Boxer T-shirt and pastel shade cooler colors or just a monochrome match with a comfortable pair of jeans is her style mantra. Easy on the eyes and also comfortably chic and appropriate is her outfit choice.

Maya Hawke In Casual Oversized Lining T-Shirt

Maya Hawke In Casual Oversized Lining T-Shirt

Accessories are a minimum in her case with no such statement pieces or anything that gives an outlandish look, she aims to be a part of the crowd and not apart, although such choices do make her stand apart, as she is simple and her fashion choices are sustainable and never out of fashion. Off-the-rack fashion choices have their challenges yet she can effortlessly blend into them. She pulls off a very vintage 80s fashion vibe, or a style even earlier.

Maya Hawke In  Simple White Shirt

Maya Hawke In Simple White Shirt

She’s nonchalantly unique and can rock high fashion outfits for modeling or cover shoots. From gothic to vintage the girl can pull off any look. The asymmetry functions as a prime example of Hawke’s ability to create art that subtly defies expectations.

Maya Hawke Hairstyle and Looks

Maya Hawke’s Short Choppy Hair Hairstyle

Maya Hawke's Short Choppy Hair Hairstyle

Short choppy hair, blow-dried and unkempt is her look. The blonde beauty keeps her just as simple as her clothing choices and occasionally spruces it up with a hat or a middle part which is a very common trend of this era.

Maya Hawke In Simple Baby Cut Hairs

Maya Hawke Hairstyle

Her Makeup and looks are summery, easy with little to no use of foundation or statement eye shadows or eye makeups. It’s easy breezy and regular. Femininity and Grace through natural light makeup or no makeup look.

Maya Hawke is skilled at defying expectations of a traditional beauty moment. The actress has a talent for transforming popular beauty cues into eye-catching moments, from normative eye makeup to ever-present fascinators.


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