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Odeya Rush is killing us with her fabulous fashion wear. Her Instagram is flooded with all the appreciation and praises she gets for her beauty statements. She is an inspiration for all. She carries all her fits so effortlessly that you wonder how is she so perfect. Let’s have a look at her Instagram wears.

About Odeya Rush

Born (Date & Place)
12 May 1997, Haifa, Israel
Full Name Odeya Rush
Nicknames Odeya
Height 5 Feets 3 Inches
Age  [calculate_years datestring=”5/12/1997″] years
Popular Movies/TV Series Lady Bird, Goosebumps, The Giver, Dumplin, Umma, Cha Cha Real Smooth,
Debut The Odd Life of Timothy Green
Net Worth $ 500 Thousand

Odeya Rush Outfits

Odeya Rush In Black & White Casual Fit

Odeya Rush - Outfits, Accessories, Hairstyles & Looks

When your outfit is comfortable, you look the prettiest. Indeed this is the most comfortable outfit ever. A white tee and black pants are all you want. Black and white are obviously the best combination but it looks over the top when you style it in the most subtle way. That’s what Odeya Rush did here. She paired her look with hoop earrings and sneakers which look so comfy.

Odeya Rush In Pink Three Piece Outfit

Odeya Rush - Outfits, Accessories, Hairstyles & Looks

She wore this fit for the promotion of her upcoming film. Her fit is in light purplish pink color which looks mesmerizing. Her hair is straight with a middle partition which is giving clean girl vibes. Accessories are minimal, makeup is light and the outfit grabs all the attention. An oversized blazer with formal pants paired with sandals is the best combination.

Odeya Rush In Blue Crop Top And Denim Jeans

Odeya Rush - Outfits, Accessories, Hairstyles & Looks

On those days when you don’t have the energy to get off your bed and get ready…well even on those days Odeya Rush doesn’t fail to look amazing. This is one of those days where she is wearing a blue tank top paired with blue jeans, hair tied in a messy bun, and hoop earrings. She isn’t wearing any makeup still killing the look.

Odeya Rush In Black Outfit

Odeya Rush - Outfits, Accessories, Hairstyles & Looks

The mandatory birthday dress has to be black. That’s what she is wearing here on her birthday. She kept it so simple yet she looks breathtaking. With no accessories and no makeup, she pulled this look with elegance and simplicity. The dress is also very simple, not too much work but looks perfect on her.

Odeya Rush In Glittery Golden Outfit

Odeya Rush - Outfits, Accessories, Hairstyles & Looks

This gold outfit is turning heads around. Odeya Rush is pulling out the look with such ease. She is wearing this gold shimmering outfit which is backless. Her hair is tied in a pony with a middle partition. Topped with minimalistic earrings and sparkling makeup. She looks so beautiful in this outfit that anybody would want to be her.

Odeya Rush’s Stunning Look In All Black outfits

Odeya Rush - Outfits, Accessories, Hairstyles & Looks

Another black dress that she wears, seems like black is made only for her. She looks so hot in this outfit, she has clearly raised the temperature. She is wearing light makeup and her accessories include earrings and a neck chain. Her hair is kept straight with a middle partition and her nails look pretty amazing with the glitter nail paint on them. She paired it with heels and made an absolute style statement.

Odeya Rush In Blue Jacket And Denim Jeans As Winter Outfit

Odeya Rush - Outfits, Accessories, Hairstyles & Looks

This is what a day out in winter looks like. A very casual way of styling fits and she looks super cute in it. Her hair is tied up in a high pony topped with hoop earrings. She wears a shiny blue winter jacket and blue jeans paired with white sneakers. Loving this look of hers, it’s so minimal yet so influential.

Odeya Rush In Admirable Shimmering Fit

Odeya Rush - Outfits, Accessories, Hairstyles & Looks

This shimmering outfit is the best thing to wear to a party. The outfit is a middie long sleeves dress in dark blue shimmer which gives major party vibes. This is the most attention-seeking outfit you will ever find. Shimmers can never go out of fashion. It’s always gonna be the first option when it comes to a party outfit.

Odeya In Black Top And Blue Check Skirt

Odeya Rush - Outfits, Accessories, Hairstyles & Looks

Tennis skirts are back in action. That’s what Odeya Rush is wearing here. She styled it perfectly with a black top with long net sleeves. Her long straight hair is left open in the middle partition. Her no makeup look with minimal accessories is doing justice to the outfit.

Odeya Rush In Red Floral Outfit

Odeya Rush - Outfits, Accessories, Hairstyles & Looks

Odeya Rush pulls off this look in the most amazing way. The red floral dress looks perfect on her. This dress has got a unique pattern which suits her so well. She paired this look with black heels and open hair. She looks absolutely stunning in this dress.

That’s all the fashion tips we could gather from Odeya Rush’s Instagram. She is definitely an influencer and all her looks are breathtaking. She looks so fine in whatever she wears.

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