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Skin Remedies with Lemon

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Lemons are known as a great source of calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, minerals and antioxidants that are known to improve the quality and condition of hair, skin, nails and body as a whole. Apart from providing benefits to the skin, Lemon also is effective in curing many problem and diseases in the body.

Many wonders and miracles of Lemon include Prevention of kidney stones, controlling body weight, maintaining heart health, fighting Anemia, reduction of cancer risk and improved digestion. It is also said that there are still a lot of unknown benefits that lemon and lemon juice can provide.

Here are a few application of Lemon for skin.

Skin Remedies with Lemon

Benefits of lemon on skin

Lemons give a portion of the free extreme battling cancer prevention agent nutrient C, which enables keep to skin even-conditioned and helps support the body’s resistant framework. Lemon can be utilized as a skin astringent as it encourages cleans pores to close. Lemons have germ-free characteristics which help shed dead cells and help in battling dandruff. Its antibacterial and mitigating characteristics can likewise help alleviate skin disturbances subsidiary with dandruff. The juice of a lemon is a characteristic alkalizing specialist, and assists with keeping up a consistent pH balance in the body.

Lemon provides many benefits to skin such as:

  • Blackhead Treatment – Lemon juice when applied on face regularly helps in removal of blackheads.
  • Moisturizes skin – Due to the fact that lemon is anti-bacterial, it makes it a great moisturizer. It is recommended to mix it with coconut water for best results.
  • Skin Lightener – Lemon is power packed with Vitamin-C which is also considered as a natural lightener agent. Thus, makes it an effective skin lightener.
  • Teeth Whitener – Lemon is also considered as a natural teeth whitening agent and thus is also used by millions of people worldwide.

Side effects of using lemon on skin

It’s not like Lemon juice will always prove effective and beneficial to skin and human, it can always cause some side effects on the skin of a person if used in excess and without any precautions.

Some major and minor side effects of using lemon on skin are:

  • Lemon juice is often used for curing pimples. But lemon juice is acidic in nature and can sting pimples and furthermore cause it to bleed.
  • Lemon for healthy skin is very normal nut individuals with brown complexion ought to abstain from utilizing it to regard skin inflammation as it can bring about dark spots.
  • Applying lemon squeeze on the skin may expand the danger of burn from the sun. This is particularly basic for individuals with lighter skin tone.
  • People with ulcers ought to abstain from taking lemon juice since its acidic substance may bother the coating of the stomach.

One should always check and ensure to dilute the lemon juice before applying it on their skin as it can cause damage to the outer skin.

How to use Lemon for Skin?

  • Direct Application – For lighting up and relaxing skin apply the lemon squeeze on any part of body. One can likewise evacuate clogged pores by tenderly scouring the lemon squeeze on the skin.
  • As Face Pack/Mask – To saturate dry skin blend equivalent amounts of olive oil, nectar, and lemon to make face pack and apply this to dry locales on the skin. Leave this for 10 minutes and afterward flush off with warm water. For hostile to wrinkle pack blend nectar, lemon juice drops and almond oil and apply over your face. Wash this off in a short time when it dries.
  • As a Toner – One should try lemon juice mixed with water as a skin toner the instead of trying skin toners available in the market. One can see the results when applied and used regularly.
  • Skin Exfoliator – One can use lemon as a skin exfoliator or scrub and get a clear blackheads free skin. One should try this once a week. 

What does lemon do for your skin?

Lemon does wonder to skin if used with precaution. One should also remember that lemon juice shouldn’t be used in excess as there might be a chance that it would cause a temporary or even a permanent damage to the skin. Lemon juice can whiten the skin, brighten the skin, clear the skin, clogging of pores, remove black heads, reduce dark circles, whitening of teeth, remove oil from face and much more. Some of the benefits are still yet to be discovered.

Treat Acne with Lemon

Due to the fact that Lemon contains Vitamin-C and Anti-Oxidants, lemon juice becomes really more effective in reducing oil from the face and skin. Fact is people with oily skin and face are more prone to acne and scars. Thus people feel itchiness and irritated. The final result is acne and scars. Controlling the oil creation on the skin will bring help and less continuous acnes. The extra anti-microbial and astringent advantages of the lemon juice, would lead to fight with acnes and show great results.

Various ways in which lemon can be used to treat acne:

Mix lemon juice and water (just for the purpose of making it dilute). Apply the mixture as a face mask overnight. Peel off the mask in the morning and wash the face. Following this thing once a week would get great results for some.

  • Mix lemon juice, Olive Oil and Honey. Apply the mixture as a face mask for about 30-40 mins. Peel off the mask and wash the face. Following this thing twice a week would not only get tighter pores, less acne but freshness to the face.
  • Take some lemon juice. Take some cotton swab or normal cotton and apply some drops of lemon juice on it. Now clean the face with cotton. It would not only help treat acne but get a whiter toned skin as well.

Lemon juice are considered to be an effective and beneficial natural fruit for the skin, face, teeth, nails and human body as a whole. It is not recommended to use or consume lemon juice on daily basis as it may cause skin damage.

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