Timeless Printed Sarees to Add in Your Wardrobe

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Prints have been a part of our clothing since years. The origin of printed textile dates back to the 12th Century. It started off in Europe and soon reached the other countries. Printed textiles were introduced to India in the 17th century during French Invasion. Since then, India has developed multiple printing techniques that embellish numerous enticing fabrics. Printed sarees have garnered love from women of all ages across borders. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns giving you numerous options to choose from.

The trend of various prints in sarees came and went but there are some printed sarees that have retained their place in the market for years. Here are different types of such immaculately timeless printed sarees. Check out the list and add them to your wardrobe if you haven’t till now.

Timeless Printed Sarees

1. Floral Prints

Floral printed saree

Floral prints are a fashion trend that never really died. It keeps evolving with time. Floral prints changes colors, goes from bright to light. It changes fabrics, goes from Nylon to Cotton. Organza floral sarees in pastel colors and large prints are the recent floral saree trend. The fact remains that floral sarees are timeless and look gorgeous. You can wear them regularly or on a day time event with style and they would look just perfect.

2. Polka dots print

Priyanka Chopra Polka dots printed saree

Polka dots are a Retro trend that has been peaking on and off since decades. This print has been used for different kinds of clothing styles. Today it is being used for tops, coords, jumpsuits, skirts and whatnot. Saree is no exception. Polka dots have been widely loved by women. Priyanka Chopra wore this Polka dots saree to an event recently and reminded us of the beauty polka dots bring to the table.

3. Digital Print

Deepika Padukone Digital Print printed saree

Digital Print sarees are a recent trend that involves printing of amazing shapes and patterns digitally. It is also printed on different types of fabrics, usually synthetic and uses vibrant colors. This digital print saree was worn by Deepika Padukone to an event and looked extremely alluring. The choice of colors and the light sequin work is adding to the aesthetics of the saree.

4. Geometric print

Geometric print printed saree

The geometric print is the most intriguing print amongst all. Just as the name suggests, it involves the usage of different types of geometrical shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles, squares and lines. They also come in different colors on different fabrics. These geometric sarees in the image are in the satin fabric giving them a shiny lustrous look. The vibrant colors are adding to the beauty of the sarees.

5. Zigzag print

Timeless Sarees With Matching Blouse Designs

Zigzag print is a unique print that hasn’t been explored too much by the Indian designers. However, zigzag sarees made their place in the hearts of women quite organically. Though it is mostly loved in black and white combination, it also comes in other colors. Wear this amazing print to stand out in an event. The pattern isn’t just cool but also creates an illusion for the eyes.

6. Abstract print

Abstract print printed saree

Abstract print sarees derive their pattern and name both from abstract art. Just like abstract art, this print also doesn’t depict a visual reality and just uses vague forms, shapes and colors to create a design. Abstract print sarees usually use synthetic fabrics and bright contrasting colors. They can be worn on a regular day or on a shopping spree.

7. Checks print

Checks print printed saree

Checks print in itself has a wide range of checks patterns. Right from windowpane checks to Shepherd’s checks, Tattersall checks and Gingham checks, every pattern is used to design awe-striking sarees. Checks sarees are the most multi-faceted sarees that come in all colors and uses all fabrics right from silk, cotton to synthetic. You can wear them on various occasions and look at your bewitching best with its appealing style.

8. Striped Print

Striped Print printed saree

Stripes is the most elegant print that was only used for formals at a time but today, it can be seen everywhere, including sarees. Just like other striped clothes, striped sarees also speak of class and look sophisticated. They also come in different colors and patterns. You can wear both horizontal and vertical stripes depending upon your choice.

So, here were different types of timeless printed sarees that you must have. These prints have survived the test of time and are here to stay in the future as well. Add them to your closet and let it speak for your love of prints!

Stunning Sarees from Kajol’s wardrobe are perfect for Wedding

Stunning Sarees from Kajol's wardrobe are perfect for Wedding

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