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Asymmetrical Haircut A Big Yes Or No? Let’s Find Out

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If you’ve been looking for ways to spice up your hairstyle for summer, you’ve come to the end of your search. You are proud of your hair and don’t want to have a short haircut, but you don’t like long hair either? Then you can try these haircuts. Asymmetric haircuts are shorter in length and cut into an asymmetrical bob, where one side is longer than the other. These hairstyles go up the standard and are more fun.

Short haircuts can make you look radical. What to choose? Pay attention to the long haircut, which combines femininity, convenience, originality, and relevance. From pixie cuts to lobs and even long locks, let’s find out the best haircut for you.

Are These Haircuts Perfect For Your Face Shape? Let’s Check It Out

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To Whom Will A Long Haircut Suit?

Long haircuts are as versatile as those that are asymmetrical. Such an interesting image can be suitable for almost any type of appearance. Who do the stylists recommend these cuts to?

Very many people:

  • Girls with thick hair
  • For the shape of the face square, circle, or oval
  • For those who have large and expressive features
  • For the owners of a high forehead.

What should those who cannot boast of sufficient hair density do? They can also get a long haircut, but without the use of abundant filleting. Skilled craftsmen can cut hair in such a way that it seems more, and styling is not very difficult.

For your information! A long haircut is a middle variant between short and long hair to the shoulders.

Cascade With Extension – A Common Option

This haircut is one of the most popular and versatile. It can be done by very young girls and ladies of age. In addition, the hairstyle is suitable for different types of hair and different thicknesses.

Layered hairstyling is an opportunity to create a voluminous hairstyle. Long strands, depending on your wishes, can be around your face and behind you. The elongation of the rear strands makes the neck slimmer visually and the elongation of the front strands can smooth out the cheekbones and squeeze out the heavy chin.

The cascade is combined with various forms of cheeks. It will look good not only smooth but also with slanting long bangs.

Tip! Cascade with extension will suit both straight and curly hair.

Long Caret

This haircut is popular, fashionable, and relevant for all occasions. The ability to wear a long haircut at any age makes hairstyles beloved by many.

Less than anything else the haircut fits:

  • Round-faced and girls
  • With a strongly elongated shape of the face
  • Curly
  • To those who do not have a long neck.

It is not difficult to put a rack with an elongation – use brushing and a hairdryer. If necessary, use an iron.

Tip: Among the innovative approaches – is a strong branching, creating a fashionable effect of a torn haircut.

One of the actual variants of the current year is considered to be such a kind of elongated carriage, which resembles a carriage on a leg. The nape of the neck is cut short, leaving a triangle. For those who are not afraid of experiments, experts advise trying to weave strands near the face to give the hairstyle a fashionable effect of carelessness this year.

Long Bob Hair

Such a haircut will look spectacular in an asymmetrical way when the strands on one side of the face are much longer than on the other. This variant can be worn even without complex styling, especially by brave and fashionable girls.

Externally, this haircut is characterized by elongated strands, located closer to the face. The rest of the hair is cut according to the classic canons.

If the long bean is complemented by asymmetrical bangs, the hairstyle will create an extravagant look. The haircuts are cut in such a way that the long strand near the face is neatly cut. On the other side of the face, it is recommended to leave a long, narrow buckle. It is desirable to do this in order to ensure that the overall image is balanced.

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Long Haircut For  Round Face

Stylists recommend girls with round-faced faces not to curl their hair. It is better to pull the hair with an iron. The shape of the haircut should be such that the long strands go down to the shoulders or even lower.

Square Face

When you do long haircuts, it is desirable that the strands near your face fall below the chin level. This approach will help to smooth the cheekbones and balance the overall impression of appearance.

Oval Shape Of The Face

The long bean is literally designed for girls with this type of appearance. But if you have curly hair, it is desirable to align them with styling.

Long, Ragged Haircut

That’s the one at the top for girls with straight hair. This approach will also help those who have fine hair, as the torn shape creates a volume effect. But styling in this case will need to be done more carefully.

Tip: A tearing haircut is best suited for young people, especially when combined with a bright shade of hair.

Long Haircuts: Do You Need Bangs?

If you’re not sure whether or not to leave your bags, take a look at the stylists’ advice:

  • If you have a round face, the oblique elongated bangs will help you to visually stretch out the shape of your face and add harmony to it
  • A bang is required when it is necessary to hide some features of appearance.

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