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We all think that a round face hides the curves of your face, and there are a limited number of hairstyles to try. But the right hairstyle that accentuates your face shape can turn this feature to your advantage. And we want to tell all round-faced girls that, there are so many options for them and they can experiment with different hairstyles when they are ready for a change.

Once you scroll down, you will be surprised by how amazing these hairstyles are, but before choosing the right hairstyle, please make sure you know your face shape. Otherwise, your hard work will go in vain. If you have a round face then congratulations you are in good company. Get inspired by these celebrities, and head to the salon for a fresh makeover.

Hairstyles Suitable For Round Faces Inspired By Celebrities

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How To Understand That You Have A Round Face?

Let’s figure it out. Come to the mirror at arm’s length. Look carefully at the contour of your face: from chin to forehead. Ears do not count. What shape does the contour take? Tip: A round face usually implies slightly wide cheekbones and a narrow area of the jaw. The shape of the circle also implies plus or minus the same length and width of the face surface – a simple geometry!

Cover Face

So, you’re sure? It’s great to be a round-hearted person because you look like a Hollywood star on your face! For example, Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. And if you like to compare yourself to a superhero girl, here’s the redheaded Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst), the one who met Spiderman. Among the owners of rounded facial shapes are Christine Ritchie, Mila Kunis, Mandy Moore, and singer Maksim. So you’re not the only one with such a round face! All these beauties have been working with the best stylists in the world for years. For your image to be perfect, you don’t have to give away crazy money. Develop your own individual style, following certain rules. As a Lifehack for you – a list of what “can” and “can not” do with the hair of girls with a round face.

Hairstyles For Round Face: No!

  • Curls, small curls, and all sorts of curls. Try to avoid rounded lines in your face area.
  • Straight ahead. Try combing your hair on your side – this is much more feminine!
  • Sharp strands near cheekbones and cheeks will also spoil the perfect look.
  • Wide” hairstyles are contraindicated. Volumetric side strands are unlikely to suit you. Unless, of course, you want to be screamed “Hey, Arnold!
  • Checks: even, straight, short, and rare won’t suit you. Try differently.

That’s Right, Yes!

  • Slanting bangs. If you like to cover your forehead a little bit – it’s the only kind of bangs that will suit you, but how it will fit! Just go a slightly torn asymmetrical bangs.
  • High hairstyles will visually extend the oval face, with your round shape it will be very useful. For example, a high beam with a chaotic bang or a horse’s tail.
  • Asymmetry in the haircut will look very advantageous if you have a round face.
  • Especially if you style your hair so that the side strands slightly cover your cheeks.
  • Cascade haircuts. Excellent option, the main thing is not to make the top layer too short.
  • If your choice is a short haircut, give preference to a bean car. The front strands can be slightly lengthened. You’ll see – your appearance will be wonderfully transformed!

Hairstyles For Round Face: It Is Important To Get Into The Color!

For a round face, there are also restrictions on staining. Don’t stop at dark, homogenous tones – this color palette will only give you a volume of your cheeks. But different variants of melioration, connecting rod, and ombre will emphasize your merits and will give a piquancy to the image.

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Actually, with your specialty, there’s a place to go for a walk in the image. The round face is your thing. The main thing is to show it from the advantageous side.

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