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Best food for Skin & Hair

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Planning of diet plays an important role in keeping our entire body and hair fit. It affects the quality of hair, its growth as well as its quantity. Thus it is important to maintain a balanced diet. It not only makes us fit but also beautiful inside out. Thus to maintain your beauty it is important to look into your kitchen and eat fresh and healthy varieties of green vegetables and fruits. Maybe you might get surprised with changes that take place when you follow a healthy diet.

Given below are some of the secrets to have a beautiful and blissful skin that will leave people awestruck.

Best food for Skin & Hair


Egg Best food for Skin & Hair

One of the greatest sources of protein, Eggs are often considered to be an essential nutrient in our day to day life. It is often advised by doctors to have atleast one egg each day because it provide us necessary nutrients which helps not only to make your hair strong but also reduces hair fall. Thus, helping in your hair growth. Also as the nails are formulated with proteins it helps to grow strong nails.Apart from these benefits it also provides glowing skin.


Berries Best food for Skin & Hair

Often considered to be rich in Vitamins, especially Vitamin C, berries promote the growth of hair and protects your hair from any damages caused due to products or heat applied on it. Thereby, making it strong. In addition to this, the essential nutrient present in blueberry often prevents premature ageing, thereby proving it to be beneficial for your skin. Thus, making blueberry one of the best fruit for skin and hair.


Spinach Best food for Skin & Hair

Loaded with many nutrients and antioxidants spinach is considered to be benefial for both eyes and skin. It provides a sparkling effect to both the skin and eyes often impressing people. This shows the healthy side of this vegetable. Its moisture retention capacity helps to overcome wrinkles and remove all the dead cells of the skin.
As for the hair spinach is also considered beneficial for hair. The oily substance available helps to moisturise your scalp thereby, keeping it healthy and promoting hair growth. Thus, adding itself to the list of the best food for skin and hair.

Fatty Fish

Fish Best food for Skin & Hair

Fatty fishes are often known to be rich in omega-3 which is directly linked to your hair growth and reduces hair loss. Thereby increasing its volume. Fatty fishes like salmon, mackerel and herring are advised by doctors to consume almost 2 times a day because of the beneficial effect it has on your hair. Thus, it is known to be one of the best food to solve all hair problems. According to science, since it is the first organism from which the food chain begins, it has the richest nutrient present in it, thus providing us with glowing, flawless and shiny skin.


Nuts Best food for Skin & Hair

Nuts are the most liked and easy remedy to obtain a beautiful skin. It contains different nutrients that are beneficial for both your skin and hair. It is very convenient and thus found in almost all the kitchens.
It is known to be rich in Vitamin B and E and some essential Fatty Acids which are beneficial for your skin and hair promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall.It is linked to various health benefits and is considered to be one of the best food for the skin and hair.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Best food for Skin & Hair

Sweet potato is said to provide you rich quantity of vitaman A which is more than 4 times our usual requirement. Thus, it speeds up the growth of hair and provides you with a thick and strong hair, keeping it healthy.


Oats Best food for Skin & Hair

Oats are often known to be rich in nutrients like zinc, potassium, and biotin. Therefore it is always advisable for weak and unhealthy people to have ore because of the amount of nutrient it contains. This reflects on their skin and hair making it flawless and beautiful along with a shining effect. Another benefit of having oats is that it provides you with all the key nutrients which not only improves your skin but also reduces hair fall and various hair problems. Though the taste of ore is not good as such, it can be made tastier and healthy by adding milk and some extra toppings of nuts, berries, seeds or something just to make it interesting. Thus, adding it top the list of the best food for skin and hair.


Garlic Best food for Skin & Hair

Often known to be one of the best solution to solve various skin problems, Garlic is known to help in promoting clear skin and prevent breakouts. Thus solving some of the major skin problem. It is commonly used in food and during illness and provides a special glow to the skin, because of its antibiotic property. It is often used in tea and ginger tea which is considered to be quite beneficial for skin providing a special glow to it.


Tomato Best food for Skin & Hair

Also known as the best anti- aging and skin whitening agent, Tomatoes are also beneficial when eaten raw. When eaten regularly, tomato provides a special glow and blush to your face and skin leaving behind a beautiful impression in the minds of the people. It also protect us from the harmful UV rays of the sun affecting your skin. Thus it is not only one of the best remedy to apply but also one of the best food for skin and health due to its high antioxidant content.


Pineapple Best food for Skin & Hair

Highly rich in vitamin C, pineapple is known to be effective skin smoothner. Though pineapple pack is known to be quite famous amongst woman. The need arises to make your skin beautiful and glowing from within and pinapple helps to a great extend. The fruit as well as its juice often aids the wearied cells and tissue often preventing wrinkles and ageing and giving youthful appearance to people.


Coconut Best food for Skin & Hair

The coconut water is known to contain vitamin E, K and certain minerals which are known to provide us with a glowing and shiny skin. Along with the skin it also affects the hair to a great extend. It moisturises the scalp providing it with necessary nourishments and thereby promoting the smoothening of hair. Altogether, proving to be the best food for the skin and hair.

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