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Bobby Pin Hacks And Common Mistakes While Using Them

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Hair invisibility seems like a pretty primitive tool, don’t you think? We are talking about Bobby Pins. Bobby pin is also known as bobbing pins or hairpins, it is a metal or plastic hairpin with its primary use to hold hair. Nowadays besides this, there are many other uses for bobby pins. Are you sure you’re making the best use of this accessory? Let’s explore the potential uses of bobby pins that every girl should know. Let’s do it together!

Let’s Know Right Way to Use Bobby Pins

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Error Number 1: Incorrect Binding

Inserting the invisible, wavy side up? The bad news is, that you’re not using the resources of this accessory to its full potential. The wavy side of the invisible side serves as a kind of brake that prevents the accessory from slipping. Therefore, it is logical to point it down, where the unevenness has something to cling to.

This method has advantages:

  • The invisibility is better maintained on the buckles, and does not slip away.
  • The straight surface of the invisible looks more accurate on the hair
  • You can fix several hairpins in a row and experiment with your hair.

Error Number 2: Using Them Without The Extra Coating  Or Rounding At The End.

When buying bobby pins, choose with your tips rounded off. The use of flat-edged hairpins is fraught with fraught hairs, and sometimes even tears. Check the old pins too – if their edges are sharp, throw them away boldly!

Error Number 3: Choosing The Wrong Color

As a rule, you use hairpins to keep your hair. At the same time, the hair clip should remain relatively invisible, it is clear that the 100% effect is impossible to achieve. If you have blonde hair, choose blonde hairpins, if dark – the appropriate color.

P.S. Of course, this rule does not apply to situations where you focus on accessories. Here, rather, it is necessary to choose the invisible ones contrasting with hair color.

Error Number 4: Putting Them Into Wet Hair

If you don’t want to break into your curls, always dry your hair completely before using bobby pins.

Error Number 5: Using Bobby Pins Only To Secure Your Curls

Believe me, with the help of bobby pins you can do a lot of tricks with your hair! Proofs are in the photo!

Error Number 6. Using Too Thick Strand

Don’t overdo it, because thick strands just stretch the invisible. After this execution, they can only be used as studs. You’d better use two invisible hairpins if you need to fix a thick curl.

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Error Number 7. Using Dense Bobby Pins On Hair

Choose a hairpin with a so-called cleft. Invisible people whose ends are tightly pressed together often twist. And it is impossible to open them without problems! Here you have broken legs and damaged hair, so choose the best!

Bobby Pins For Hair: Some Styling Ideas

It’s time to take your relationship with the invisible to the next level! Bobby Pins can also be used by guys if one knows to pair them with outfits. We have made a selection of creative hairstyles using this unpretentious accessory, take note of it!

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