Say A Big ‘No’ To These 7 Summer Hairstyles

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Usually, summer hairstyles end with a single high ponytail and messy buns, we don’t blame you. In summer your hairstyle experiences many factors like a lot of moisture, sweat, heat, wind, sun, rain, and seawater, just a little precaution can save your hair from this heat. We all think that summer is the time to get rid of that extra length, but it is not true, it is all about the excitement of styling and the vast options to show off your creativity and style.

That’s why everyone prefers light hairstyles at this time of year. And if you’re used to intricate and spectacular styling, it’s time to learn how to go easy. After all, there are hairstyles that are simply contraindicated in the summer. Find out now

Dare Not To do These 7 Summer Hairstyles

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Worst Hairstyles For The Summer: Afro-Braids

This hairstyle itself is very bad for your hair, especially if it uses a cantilever. Now imagine what will happen to your hair in the heat! First of all, even on the hottest day, African pigtails dry for a very long time, and during the swimming season, your roots are unlikely to like this load. Drying them all the time with a hairdryer is not an option, so you will turn your curls into a towel, and then you will not recognize your former hair. Secondly, dark-colored Afro pigtails attract the sun’s rays, so that you will become a “hot” girl in the literal sense of the word. Third, afro braids are very strong in exposing the scalp, you can get burnt in the most unusual place! It is better to leave this hair more familiar to her beauties.

Wool Hairstyle

Doesn’t your hair look big enough in the summer? We understand! But it’s better to look at other styling options than to use your hair! Not only does it hurt your hair, but it’s also shocking from the heat, salty water, and wind, so you can reproduce bacteria at high temperatures. And there and to dandruff not far! And if you are still used to shaving all this with a fair amount of lacquer, believe me, soon you will get dry and lifeless hair. It’s better to forget about styling products containing alcohol for the summer – it dries your curls even more under the influence of temperature.

The Worst Hairstyles For Summer: Complex Or Tight Styling

Are you going to your girlfriend’s party or wedding? Of course, by habit, and I want to impress the public with a sophisticated hairstyle. But during the summer heat overloaded with means for hairstyling, complex and (which is even worse) tighter intricacies – not your best friends! Give your hair more freedom, donning evening hairstyles in the style of boho – so you can evade the usual for you concrete styling and do not harm your hair.

Smooth Hairstyle

It’s hard to resist the temptation to straighten your hair with iron because you want to show off the smoothness and shine of the hair! But it is in the summer that your curls already bear the thermal load, should it add more tests? Especially since the effect of straightening in the heat is short-lived. It is better to buy smoothing agents to get rid of frizzing hairs, and enjoy the summer!

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Worst Hairstyles For Summer: Permanent

Are you’re gonna do a perm before you go on vacation? Everything seems to be logical, why waste time on laying? But think about it, hair is the first thing that catches your eye, would you wear the same dress every day? Why limit yourself? Summer is the time for experimentation, especially over the image! Try a new one, do not do a long-term styling, which, besides, the order spoils the hair.

Curls And Curls

Believe me, we don’t have a problem with the naughty curls! But if you spend your time curling with forceps or irons, you make an irreparable mistake! In summer it is very difficult to keep the desired curl, so you put your curls under stress and high temperatures for nothing! There is a way out – the mastery of the so-called “sea” laying with the help of light mousse or foam with a sunscreen effect. So you will create light, not overloaded waves, and protect the hair from harmful ultraviolet light.

Worst Hairstyles For Summer: Thick Bangs

In the summer, bangs can turn your life into a nightmare! It’s not only that it never lies properly, turning into dirty icicles in the evening, but also causes excessive sweating! So close to irritation on the skin of the forehead, and in some cases even pimples, brr. If you don’t want to grow bangs, learn how to clean them up nicely!

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