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Look Into These Interesting Hairstyles Around The Globe

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Throughout history and across different cultures, hair and hairstyles have been valued far more than aesthetic beauty and protection from the weather.

I am sure you are aware of the hairstyles preferred by French or American women. But isn’t it boring? What about other countries? As the Internet makes international beauty more accessible at large, our fascination continues to grow.

We have a collection of inspiring hairstyles from around the world for you to borrow new details and ideas for your look. It is important to learn about the history and importance of hair in order to promote a more conscious and respectful attitude towards people of different races, creeds, and colors.

Take a walk through 6 Countries With Amazing Hairstyles 

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Colombian Hairstyles

Fancy North American women look pretty modern. Those who want to be in the trend – copy Hollywood fashion, adding their own color details. It looks quite simple, concise, and actual. Because of the brownish color of the skin and a certain structure of hair, Columbians prefer dark coloring. But some do not neglect the lighter caramel shades. What can I say here, the most famous Colombian pop star Shakira at one time chose the style of blondes, after which she for a long time equaled her fellow countrywomen.


Sophia Vergara

Closer to the national image of a Colombian woman is a bright accent in her hair. Representatives of this country have hot blood, and an ardent temper, but the hair of a true Colombian always has an element of tradition. A bright flower, kerchief, or bandage is a must-have accessory on the head of ordinary girls and women of Colombia. At various beauty contests, they annually present their national images. Their hair is real summer: feathers, flowers, satin ribbons of different shades, and intricate constructions of braids. Traditionally, hair was not necessarily cleaned on the back of the head.

And still, Colombian beauties at all times looked great: they smelled of charisma, self-confidence, inner strength, and passion. And their hair only emphasized their bright identity. Men in Colombia have a very different story on their heads. Shakira would hardly appreciate it.

Indian Hairstyle

Hairstyles in India were designed to show off the beauty and richness of women’s hair indefinitely. Indian women have a cult of hair care. They are cherished and decorated in every possible way. It is from India that most of the “hanging” hair accessories came to us: teak, various chains, rings, and beads. And also traditions of hair care with the help of oils and henna. Hair was seldom hidden, and if it was covered with thin fabric, it was only symbolically. Indian fashionistas from the past looked too elegant and even pretentious at the European level. Apparently, the inhabitants of India are like this in everything: lively, incredibly sensual, bright. It is enough to remember these crazy films with their dances, relatives, and expressive facial expressions.

Today, modern Indian women in the capital city are not much different from the Zit and Git we are used to. However, there is some moderation in the current hairstyles. Hair continues to adorn: abundance means well-being. Even some of the traditions have not changed: girls in India never wear bangs. In their understanding, the fringe hides the thoughts of the wife from her husband. And yet, the heavy and shiny curls of Indian women are still in price, so modern fashionistas, even if they cut their hair under the carpet, leave strands loose. Interesting, because the new-fashioned laconic style in the hairstyle shows much more wealth of hair of its owner. Or is it a matter of taste and habit?

Sonam Kapoor

Deepika Padukone

Priyanka Chopra

Bavaria’s Hairstyles

Unbelievable, but after decades, the hairstyle of Bavarian fashionistas has not changed much. By nature, Bavarian women are blondes or light-colored, native beauties. Girls weave braids and use them to make incredible hairstyles. An interesting fact is that in Bavaria, even a thirty-year-old modern woman confidently braids two braids, like a third-grader, and confidently combines it with the image of a kezhual. Bavarians tie their heads with flower shawls, combining such a “hairstyle” with shortened bright dresses with an expressive neckline. By the way, if you didn’t know, this traditional outfit is called a dirndl. They also wear loose hair. It looks a little careless at times but cute enough.

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Sometimes they go back to retro hairstyles from the 50s. Surprisingly, Bavarians are one of the few Europeans who wear elements of national costume in everyday life.

Korean Hairstyles

Ancient Koreans were like Japanese women in their fashion. Hair structures were not as complex as those of the women of the Land of the Rising Sun, but they were also worth a lot of effort and time.

Perfectly straight black hair they have by nature, and even now any model haircut on Asian hair looks incredible: on the European type of hair is almost impossible to achieve such a texture without styling products. And those, frankly speaking, do not save. However, the heavy, amazing hairstyles of Korean women are wigs, which were called kache. Wore their noble Korean women. The weight of such a structure was up to 4 kg. One can imagine how difficult it was to wear it.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Korean fashionistas caught the chic, and up until the 40s, women’s hairstyles looked very elegant and feminine. After the division of Korea into North and South, the fashion of these two divided territories remained the same for some time. And then it was divided into “ice and flame”.

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Now the Korean women in the south look quite liberated and modern. They make even Europe fashionable, look at these hair trends. After all, their miniature Korean hairstyles were invented.

In the north, Koreans are still as conservative as they were 50 years ago. Girls rarely dye or style their hair. Hair fashionistas of North Korea are simple, concise, and mature. To tell the truth, there is a certain charm in this simplicity.

Mexican Hairstyles

Fashion for hair in Mexico has changed the most radically way over the years. If from books and old movies we see a Mexican woman in a colorful dress with curly greasy hair, from the beginning of the XX century the image began to change completely. Because of the civil unrest and revolutions at the beginning of the last century, the Mexican woman had to play the role of a rebellious boy. Spitting bold pigtails, hair cleaned under hats, in the image of the leading motive was simplicity and boyhood.

How To Change Hairstyles In Mexico

The glamorous 20th with the appearance of the artist and Frida Kalo’s style icon changed the fashion for the next few decades: hot girls also became glamorous. The lips, eyebrows, hats, and bandanas were painted and the first scrolls began to playfully lookout. It was from Mexico that the legendary beehive hairstyle, a symbol of the 1960s, came into world fashion.

How To Make Frida Kahlo’s Hair: A video

Today, Mexican women look very natural and try to make their hair look the same. Light curls, minimum accessories in the hair, natural volume. What, and the quality of hair this nation is not deprived of. The natural beauty of Mexican women is very rich, and charisma and fiery look do not allow them to remain gray mice.

Australian Hairstyles

Many people see Australia as a different planet. We seldom have an interest in developments on the continent, and we know little about its history. Interestingly, despite Australia’s distance from the rest of the world, fashion there is little different from Western Europe. The same naturalness in trends, straight lines, minimalism. Australian women very rarely use makeup and almost never do complicated styling. Therefore, their hair looks rather laconic. Let’s not use the word “boring” – we sincerely believe that Australians are madly interesting individuals.

Australian women wear almost no hair accessories, and their fashion, if it changes over time, then only in detail. The basis remains the same – simplicity in everything.

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