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Flounces And Ruffles Trends, That Will Never Fade Away

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Ruffles are in trend again and this season is all about making a statement through ruffled tops, skirts, shirts, or trousers. There are all kinds of ruffled flounces this summer, and ruffles are a romantic trend. This feminine detail adorns a variety of clothing: from light dresses to swimsuits. This season, ruffles have been a common element on everything from sleeves, necklines, and collars to hemlines.

In this article, we have rounded up the best ruffle collection that you will need for your wardrobe. We will look at the most stylish elements of your wardrobe with flounces, as well as possible combinations of such outfits, among other things from your wardrobe.

From Traditional To Trends Flounces And Ruffles Are Back In Fashion

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Dresses And Skirts With Frill At The Hem

A Frill on the edge of a skirt or dress will add romance to your image. But this model is dangerous because it changes the proportion of the figure. If the skirt is narrow and long enough, and there is a wide flounce on it, then you risk seeming like a short leg to others. Therefore, this model will suit high and slender ladies and is better in combination with high heels.

A Midi skirt with a ruffle is a more universal variant, but it is better to wear it at least with a small heel – 5-7 cm.

A short skirt with a flounce will not visually reduce the height, so it can be worn with heels and wallpaper at low speed. Such a model with a length of mini is contraindicated to girls with a type of pear shape, as it focuses on the hips.

Dresses And Tops With Frill Shoulders

Tops and dresses with open shoulders and flounce look very feminine and sexy. This model can visually enlarge a small chest, and if the ruffle is long enough, it can hide a wide waist. In this case, the top is lush, so combine it with skinny pants and skirts to balance the image. There are also various dresses and tops with wing sleeves. They make the image light and playful, but can seriously affect the proportions of girls with the figure of an inverted triangle and oval. This model is preferably worn by ladies with a figure – a pear.

Frill On The Sleeves

An interesting trend this season is the flounces on the sleeves. A jacket with such a detail looks spectacular and unique. It can be worn with straight and narrow trousers, jeans, pencil skirt, as well as on top of dresses of simple styles, such as straight cut.

Another option is a narrow sleeve with ruffles at the end. It is found in some models of dresses and blouses. If you don’t want your outfit to be folklore and slightly resemble gypsy, then all other clothes should be simple and concise in style.

Flounces And Ruffles In The Blouse Trim

This season’s blouses are decorated with ruffles and flounces. Toad, as well as ruffles on the shoulder line, in Victorian style, look feminine and romantic, with a slight touch of vintage. Such things are perfectly combined with clothes made of thick fabrics, such as jeans, shortened pants, or even leather jackets. Here you can play on the contrast of different textures. Remember, choosing a blouse like this, the rest of your image should be simple cut, without an abundance of finishing.


Basque is not the first season in fashion and is not going to give up his position yet. And it’s not easy! Such an elegant detail is able to add femininity to any image, emphasize the merits and hide the shortcomings of the figure. For example, a dress or a top with a basque will create an illusion of a thin waist of the figure of a rectangle. Peplum tops are a real find for girls with the figure of an inverted triangle. Also, this small detail will easily hide the tummy. It goes practically to everyone, the main thing is to choose the right model.

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Multi-Layer Flounces

Long dresses and skirts with multi-layer flounces look great with open summer shoes without heels. You can create a beautiful romantic image with a multi-layered skirt with a knee-length of flying fabric, adding a simple top and sandals on the heel.

It is always interesting to play on the contrast, when clothes made of light fabrics with flounces are supplemented with coarser materials, such as jeans, leather, and neoprene.

The dress consisting entirely of wrappers is not suitable for everyone. This option can afford a girl of fragile build and high enough height. It is better to choose the length to the knee or shorter to show the slimness and beauty of their feet.

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