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When you think of 1940s hairstyles, it’s hard not to think of perfectly styled rolls and glamorous waves. This style is relevant now, but not all because it invented more elegant and luxurious hairstyles.

The essential elements that make up a classic 1940s hairstyle are rolls, pomps, curls, and waves. There were many other iconic looks that could be translated into the vintage-inspired fashion looks of today. Let’s try to repeat the best styles of the 40s, and we will help you with this.

Step-By-Step Photos And Ideas Of Fabulous 40s Hairstyles

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40’s Hairstyle With A Elastic Strap

You’ll need an elastic strap, a comb, a bright accessory, and a good mood! Believe me, you can do it in a few minutes!

Veronica Lake’s Hairstyle

The actress fashioned her hairstyle on her side, and it was considered to be a special luxury if her hair closed one eye. For more than seventy years, this styling has been adorning the heads of the brightest beauties. Try and you!

Hairstyle Of The ’40s: Roll

The Second World War deprived women of the opportunity to show off in smart clothes, so they directed all their imagination to creating hair. The motto – the harder it is, the better! They used curling irons, hair clips, rubber bands, jewelry… You don’t need to make it harder, you can do it again in a few minutes!

40’s Hairstyle: Victory Rolls

Laying became madly popular after the Second World War. And the famous beauties Rita Hayworth and Gene Rogers heated up interest in the “winning curls”. This hairstyle has a great variety of options, you can do this styling, regardless of the length of hair and your own skill.

You can even roll the bang!


The musical style of the 40’s “inspired” a lot of ideas for fashionable hairstyles, which migrated a decade ahead. And we are not tired to use them! Checks with a roll, bright shawls, or rims – what could be better? Choose a variant to your liking!

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Hairstyle of the ’40s: Pin-Up

Of course, the girls in the pictures had to have the most fashionable style! In addition to the rolls, rims, and handkerchiefs, their hairstyles were distinguished by their spectacular, fashionable bangs, bright hair color, and special chic. The inspirer was the legendary Betty Page, whose hair deserves special attention.

Modern beauties are not tired of copying the style of the 40s, a vivid example of Dita von Teese and Katy Perry.

Use the video tips if you want to turn into a real pin-up girl!


40s Hairstyles For Short Hair

It is not necessary to have long curls to create a similar miracle on your head. Use techniques known to you, bright accessories, and imagination, and you will get a real masterpiece!

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Hair Of The ’40s: Photo

Get inspired by the best hairstyles of this era, because with this styling you will definitely attract attention!



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