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We all know that the weather is just starting to cool down and we are all thinking about our fall wardrobes. We continue to acquaint you with fashion trends in color palettes with the most fashionable fashion colors in style for spring-summer.

Among the fashionable colors, there are many bright and cheerful. We publish fashionable bright colors of fashionable spring and summer. The choice of this palette was strongly influenced by the work of abstract artists, particularly by the work of Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.

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Fashionable Bright Spring-Summer Color Trend For This Year

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Peach Echo

“Peach Echo is a warm and pleasant color, ideal for summer clothes. We recommend combining it with powder pink, apricot, yellow, blue water, and May green. Elegant and appetizing combinations are obtained with adjacent shades – red, coral, and light peach tones.



Most of the fashionable spring-summer 2016 flowers are calm, but there are exceptions, yellow Buttercup among them. In this sunny color is an explosion of cheerfulness and fun. It is perfectly combined with pure white, bright pink, orange, and poppy red. For quieter combinations, combine Buttercup with Aqua green and blue.




Fiesta Red

Vigorous and exciting Fiesta Red has been chosen by designers for the coming season. It gives rise to a desire for freedom and openness. Strong and fiery, warm red creates a bright contrast in the 2016 palette with softer and more natural tones.

In addition to the classic combinations of black and white, it is possible to combine Holiday Red with beige, dark grey, and dark blue, and interesting combinations are possible with blue and yellow.

Green Flash

Green Ray (Green Flash) – open and positive color, despite its brightness, it is interesting to combine with other colors selected for spring and summer 2016. This shiny and fresh green shade continues to inspire designers against the backdrop of a growing trend to incorporate nature into urban life. It is perfectly combined with bright, open shades – pure white, warm orange, citrus yellow, and turquoise.

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