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Sarees are the quintessential attire for the Indian yet Desi women who like to charm the folks with their stunning looks and flair. Priyanka Chopra has globalized the fabulous saree and the sleeveless blouse with the quirky song My Desi Girl. Since then the women folks have gone crazy in their choice of sarees and attractive blouse. Instagram and Facebook tell us endless stories of the saree-blouse fervor on the girls that are rarely going to down in the coming days.

Blouses have made an unforgettable mark on the women’s closet, that they became stars overnight. Triangle Back neck, Bow back Neck, Knot-Back neck, and V neck blouse designs have made even the mundane and old sarees into megastars. 

Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs

1. Back Bow Blouse Design

Back Bow Saree Blouse Back Neck Design

Image Source: Sayani Saha

Do you like draping sarees like Deepika Padukone? Blouses have become the next-in thing that ladies can’t evade from exhibiting, especially during weddings and parties. The bow back design looks extremely naughty yet modern, which can be paired with your beautiful fancy cotton or silk sarees. Don’t get astonished if you get caught in a sea of praises while exhibiting your look in front of your friends. Sarees get instant attention and love, especially if you are in a foreign land. 

2. Pom- Poms Ornamented Back Design

Pom- Poms Ornamented Saree Blouse Back Neck Design

It’s startling that sarees give a shape to your body, making you look lovely and stunning. Actresses like Vidya Balan, and Aishwarya Rai have made a stunning presence at mega-events like Cannes, and IIFA in gorgeous sarees. The Pom -Pom back design is an extremely novel and quirky blouse design to match your sarees if they have printed patterns of white and blue. You can pull off a boring saree out of your closet and make it hip with this gorgeous blouse.

3. Dew Drops Floral Back Blouse Design

Dew Drops Floral Saree Blouse Back Neck Design

Image Source: Tailored By Jancy

Is saree on your mind? Don’t hesitate to wear a dazzling saree while you uplift your mood this festive season. Women don’t fail to make brave style statements to radiate inner beauty. Actresses like Sonam Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit never bored their fans, as they donned splendid ensembles at weddings and Holi. The Dew Drop floral back design is a marvelous piece to brace it with your ravishing satin, georgette or silk saris. You can maintain the fabulous look at parties or your best friend’s wedding with immense comfort and panache.     

4. Golden Bow With Bell Strings Back Design

Golden Bow With Bell Strings Saree Blouse Back Neck Design

Image Source: Revathy Kiraunchan

Is your inner Greek goddess anticipating to emanate into this fashion realm? The golden bow back design, with shimmering bells strings is an impressive match with stunning Kanchipuram sarees and glittering white embellished sarees. Binge on this bewitching look for the upcoming Diwali, Christmas and Id. Sarees have found passionate admirers like Madonna and Julia Roberts that have elegantly experimented with Indian sarees and fallen in love. Don’t shy away, but play with diverse blouse designs to match your saree needs.

5. Trigon Back Blouse Design

Trigon Back Blouse Neck Design

The Trigon back blouse design, with floral designed hands is an exquisite bit of art. If you like to wear deep necks and don’t mind flaunting your beautiful body, then this striking piece of artistry is for you. The blouse can be superbly combined with your opulent silk sarees, soft – floral sarees, pink and green fancy sarees. The princess in you will radiate, as you drape the saree with the elegant blouse at Diwali or house warming ceremonials. Try to add a pinch of seasoning into your saree draping recipe with flavored blouses to suit your fashion interests.

6. Lotus Petals Neck Blouse Design

Lotus Petals Saree Blouse Back Neck Design

Image Source: Kanchuki

Indian women exhibit magic as they adorn themselves in splendid sarees. They exude aplomb and poise as the folks drape in the 6 yards stunning sarees for Karva Chauth or Weddings. The lotus petals neck blouse is a must-have to match with Green Chanderi sarees and the Solid color sarees. Don’t forget to smile, while you make a statement in this dazzling look. 

7.  V Neck Princess Bow Blouse Design

V Neck Princess Bow Blouse Design

Image Source: ETHEREAL

Sarees are a gateway into the women’s infinite fashion world. Draping a magnificent saree is a way of showcasing her newly found freedom, passion and hidden goddess with grace. The V neck Bow design is an exquisite piece of talent that can be teamed with a magnificent silver embroidered silk saree or a gray bordered chiffon saree. Ace- up your look with a gorgeous smile and matching accessories like a simple neck-chain and earrings.

8. Traditional Closed Neck Back Design

Traditional Closed Neck Back Design

Image Source: Niharika Vivek

Sarees are the finest thing to wear when in doubt. Our mothers and grandmothers since ages have carried the sarees with a lot of ease. The closed neck traditional blouse, with elbow-length sleeves is a go-to piece if you want like the old-fashioned way. Raveena Tandon and Rekha have all been styled in this blouse and looked impressive in front of the shutterbugs. The blouse can be proudly matched with silk embellished sarees or georgette sarees. Transform the inner diva in you by playing around with the distinct blouse patterns to match with your saree.

9. Semi Locked Bow Neck Design

Semi Locked Bow Neck Design

Image Source: Niharika Vivek

Sarees have become the staple attire for insatiable women of tastes. Alia Bhatt and Kajol have made unforgettable style impressions in magnificent sarees. The Semi -locked bow neck design is impressive that can be teamed up with you silk- embroidery sarees or the blue-bordered chiffon sarees. It’s always lovely to see ladies draped in sarees, and resembling the Indianess. Evolve your fashion taste buds by sporting exclusive blouse patterns, on your regular sarees. 

10. V Neck Bordered Blouse Design

V Neck Back Bordered Blouse Design

Image Source: Suta Bombay

V-neck Bordered blouse, with flowy sleeves is a wonderful acquisition to your versatile closet. If you are a lady that loves elegance and finesse to match with a spectacular sari then don’t hesitate in picking up this blouse. Pair the classy blouse with printed chiffon or georgette sari during Diwali or Rakhi. You are bound to elevate your happiness quotient as you put on this look and walk on the streets. 

Blouses are here to stay to earn appreciation and love from the fashion divas and newbies. Make them part of your unique closet, and throw the dreariness away. Blouses add the extra flavor or the masala to the saree and make you look like an angel. Brace yourself and let loose to the up-to-the-minute back neck blouse designs to fill in your fashion list of experiments. Embrace the sarees with love and affection and it’s bound to love you back. Don’t hesitate to have fun with lovely neck designs, and display with confidence at the coming, Dussehra, Diwali, or the wedding seasons. Love your saree on your body attitude can get you in the right mood and temper, especially if you are in love with your curves. 

Modern Blouse Designs for Your Gorgeous Look

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