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Essential Skin Care Tips For Normal, Dry And Oily Skin Types

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Every woman has the dream of having a flawless skin but the one thing we fail to do is to take care of our skin well and keep it healthy. These are some easy and simple essential skincare tips for normal, dry as well as oily skin types given in this article which will not only save your time but which also works really well for your skin.

In this world full of pollution and dust, we have to cleanse, tone and moisturise our skin to have flawless skin. The problem which all of us face is findings out the right cleanser, toner and moisturiser for our skin type as when you use the wrong one, it either makes your skin really oily or dry. That is why in this article, there are special and some essential skincare tips for different skincare types is given which is beneficial as well as healthy for your skin.

Beneficial Skin Care Tips


Cleansing is an essential step which has to be done every night after you come from work or an outing. It is really important as it removes the makeup and also the dirt from your skin. Cleansing has to be done according to each person’s skin type or else it will leave the skin too dry or oily. Hence for normal skin, you can use Vaseline for cleansing and makeup removal. First, take some Vaseline and apply it on your face and rub smoothly using your finger. Then use tissues to wipe off the Vaseline and do it gently. Don’t be too harsh on your skin.
In case you have dry skin, then you can use coconut oil to cleanse. Pour one or two drops of coconut oil and apply it to your whole face and massage for a few seconds and then you can wipe it off using tissues. If you have oily skin, then you can always opt for aloe Vera. Apply it to your face and massage for a few seconds using your fingers. Then you can wipe it off with a tissue.


Scrubbing is also really important as it exfoliates your skin and removes the dead skin cells from your face. It has to be done twice or thrice a week. It also removes the whiteheads and blackheads on your face. It also helps in opening up your pores by removing the dirt and excess oil from your face. If you can’t do it in the night after cleansing, then you can do it in the morning itself.
You can prepare a DIY scrub for scrubbing and exfoliating your skin at home. This is how you do it:

Ingredients – Honey and Sugar

How to do it

  1. You can first begin by mixing one tablespoon of sugar and honey. If you feel you need more than feel free to add a little more sugar and honey to increase the quantity of the scrub.
  2. Then apply it to your face and gently massage your face in a circular motion using your fingers for two minutes.
  3. After this, you can wash your face and dry your face using a dry cotton towel.

This DIY natural ingredient scrub can be used for all the three types of skin dry, oily and normal.

Face Pack

Facepack is to be done after scrubbing. It helps in making your skin even and clear as well and removes tan too. The DIY face pack can be done at and it requires only natural ingredient which is usually available in your household. It is quite easy and simple as well as an effective DIY face pack.

Ingredients required for the face pack– Besan Flour, Turmeric powder and water or yoghurt.     You can use either yoghurt or water for this face pack. Yoghurt helps in lightening your skin tone as well as removing tan.

How to do it-

  1. Start by mixing two tablespoons of besan flour and half tablespoon of turmeric powder and amount of water enough to make a paste. If you are using yoghurt, you can add one and half tablespoon of yoghurt instead of water to the mixture. You can add more water or yoghurt if it has a very thick consistency and you can add more besan flour if you feel that the face pack is not thick enough to apply onto your face.
  2. Then apply it to your face and massage your face in a circular motion using your fingers for two minutes. After this allow the face pack to dry for a few minutes.
  3. After it dries wash it off and then use a cotton towel to dry your face but don’t rub your skin harshly when you are using the towel but just pat gently on your skin. The towel will automatically absorb the water.

Besan Flour is a natural ingredient which is well known as a skin lightening agent and it also gives a natural glow to your skin. It is a really beneficial face pack which gives you a really flawless skin. It also moistures your skin and it makes your skin really smooth and soft.


Face Moisturiser is an essential step which has to be followed every day. It keeps your skin moisturised as well as fresh and soft. The simple DIY moisturiser you can use at night is the aloe Vera gel. It does wonders to your skin but at the same time you have to be careful so I would suggest you test it on a small part of your neck first and check if your skin is reacting well to it because it might affect sensitive skin. Hence use it on a small part of your neck first and if it is suitable for your skin then you can start using it as a moisturiser. Don’t use too much of aloe Vera gel as it might result in making your skin really dry. You can also use the moisturiser which you usually prefer from the store or online.

These skincare tips are absolutely beneficial and healthy for your skin. It also brightens your skin but be sure to use it the number of times as suggested only such as scrubbing should be done only twice or thrice a week. If it is done more than that you might face some skin damage and breakouts as well. These DIY cleanser, scrub and face pack works as a wonder on your face. So if you are looking for some really good DIY cleanser, scrub and face pack, these are the perfect ones which can be used for your skin which will help in lightening as well as removing tan and dead skin cells as well as dirt from your face.

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