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Add These Chic Spring-Summer Colors To Your Wardrobe

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As the season begins to end, our sartorial attention is shifting to discovering what’s next in the fashion world. While we’re still living in our wool sweaters, coats, and shoes. The new fashion trend has arrived, showing a plethora of chic styles to sink our teeth into, but we’re especially fascinated by the color trends that will be on our Instagrams and on every cool fashion girl in just a month’s time.
With all of this in mind, keep scrolling to check out the biggest color trends we think will dominate this year,

Luckily we have the latest fashion trends that will lift us up with a glimpse of what trends to look forward to when we can once again bask in the sun. With that in mind, let’s start immediately to explore new trends, which will soon be in all the stores of the world.

This Spring-Summer, Explore The Fun Of Colors

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Energy Of The Sun

In the trend, sunny shades – light lemon, apricot, orange – are good together and combined with related shades, and also look beautiful in contrast with the blue.

Live Coral

Coral – the main color of 2019 according to the Institute for the Study of Pantone color. It looks beautiful with yellow, orange, and red, as well as dark blue and bright turquoise.

Maroon/Burgundy Shades

Burgundy is a universal color, even if it does not suit your face, it is always appropriate in accessories – shoes and bags, jewelry.

Hot Pink

The shade of fuchsia is bright and juicy, it is good with burgundy, blue, emerald, black, white, and bright blue.

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Khaki Color

Khaki is beautiful in combination with natural muted shades – burgundy, beige, and dark blue. For more interesting combinations with it, see this article.

Light Pink

Quiet light pink – the color is universal, goes very much, is combined with almost everything.

Clockwork Orange

Orange shades – like vitamin orange juice – will keep us toned and give us positive emotions. Buy an orange coat – and stand out from the crowd.

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