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To make your hands look well-groomed and beautiful, you do not need to have special skills and skills – just enough to have a desire and a little effort. And then those around you will notice the beauty of your nails. So let’s begin!

30 Latest & Simple Nail Art Designs for Beginners 2023

1. As an option for the design of nails, you can make a graffiti design with an almost dry brush from the varnish.

2. This design looks amazing and gives the impression that it takes a lot of time to execute it, but it’s not.

3. Lovers of geometric shapes can make a lunar design using scotch tape and scissors.

4. Try using a mesh from the washcloth and a foam sponge in the design that will help create an interesting two-color effect on the nails.

5. Create your own matte lacquer with eye shadows.

6. But this chic design is actually very simple to perform.

7. A small lifhak for those who did not have dots at hand. You can use ordinary invisibles to create points.

8. Use scotch tape to create diagonal nail designs.

9. To create a “stone” design, you can use the usual package.

10. As one of the design variants with dots, you can make a dotted line along the edge of the nail. It will be especially interesting to look if such lines are multi-colored.

11. To achieve an even and uniform in shape, the lunar design should be purchased round stencils for the lunar manicure.

12. To create a gradient on the nails, you need to use a foam sponge, which will help create a soft transition of one color to another. Remember that the smaller the pores of the sponge, the softer the transition will be.

13. Remember that there are thermo lacquers that change their color depending on the temperature.

14. But this design is made with a usual black permanent marker with a thin rod.

15. Create a design, literally spraying the nail polish with a normal tube.

16. If you use gold instead of a black marker, then there is no limit for light designs.

The best thing about this design is that you will be able to safely remove or fix the neof design by simply wiping the nail with a cotton disc with alcohol.

17. This design is very simple and does not require much effort and materials for its implementation.

In order to perform the design you will need to paint your nails with white lacquer and draw any strips with a black marker or black lacquer.

18. Bright natures can use instead of the usual gradient with varnish – decorative sequins that will make the nails unique.

19. Correctly placed points can give nails an elegant and well-groomed appearance.

20. And this design uses the reverse effect of the lacquer coating – you should use a thin handle to “scratch out” the desired pattern.

21. One small dot can also look very nice on the nails.

22. One white wide stripe on the nails can make the design rigorous and formal.

23. Striped design looks very nice and beautiful, especially if it is a little crooked.

24. This design of a manicure is called raffin, after a famous designer who used such a design on one of his shows. In order to repeat this design does not need to be a model, just try.

25. A win-win design is an abstraction.

26. Such a design can be made even without the use of tape or tape.

27. Or you can use a similar technique to draw triangles.

28. Pastel Pink Nail Art Design

29. White and Orange Flames Nail Art

30. Strawberry Fields Forever Nails

Hope you like these Simple Nail Art Designs.

Which one you like most? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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