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Hair changes are different for everyone. For some, it means discovering new colors, some celebs change their look every season, while some spread a new color every week. When you’re a celebrity, even a small change in your hair can get media attention. No matter what, though, it always leaves us talking.

We decided to collect the brightest changes that have hit the headlines over the years. Let’s admire together what celebrities have done with their hair.

Most Notable Celebrities Hairstyle Transformation

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Celebrity hairstyles: Halle Berry

The actress changed from a wobble to a bean! And it seems that she even got younger!

Melissa McCarthy

The comedy star got rid of the length that is noticeably burdening her face. We approve!

Allison Williams

Looks like celebrities are competing for a more rejuvenating hairstyle. Allison resorted to an old, proven method of cutting off her bangs.

Celebrity hairstyles: Salma Hayek

The hot beauty gave up her natural waves for a new role. Well, even with straight hair Salma is great!

Kate Hudson

Stylist Kate decided to free her from her long hair, leaving them free to frame her face.

Chrissy Teigen

By changing her hair color, the pretty girl turned into a real vamp woman.

Abigail Breslin

Long hairstyle – not always good! And Abigail is a vivid example of that! With a new haircut, the girl is much more noticeable and spectacular.

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Celebrity hairstyles: Nicole Kidman

I have to say, whether she’s red, blonde, curly or straight-haired, Nicole always looks stunning. But her carriage will definitely be one of her favorite images!

Ell Fanning

Amazing hairstyle transition from blonde to antique pink!

Maisie Williams

Before we got used to the blue shade on Maisie’s black hair, we were shocked by her blue-green hair. What happens next?

Emma Roberts

Global change is so good for a girl! From strawberry shades on long hair to ruffled beans – great!

Celebrity Hairstyles: Selena Gomez

Selena cut off her bangs with torn edges, and it fucking suits her!

Emma Stone

It’s hard to keep track of Emma’s changes in hair color, but we couldn’t help but rejoice that she’d returned to such a rich redhead!

Christina Aguilera

Suddenly? Believe it! Christine with a new hairstyle with hair color reminds the character of Disney cartoons.

Lily Collins

To the expression “add a light” actress literally, for which she is very grateful!

Celebrity Hairstyles: Taylor Swift

Taylor has decided on a global clarification that suits her very well!

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Ashley Olsen

The dirty blonde changed into chocolate, so finally!

Dianna Agron

The actress has been transformed for a new role, and we hope it will last a long time!

Hilary Duff

An actress, singer, and a beautiful girl at the same time painted lavender this year.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Mila Kunis

Mila changed her image dramatically by choosing a wavy wobble this time. Very nice, Mila!

Victoria Beckham

Sometimes a haircut solves problems! You just look at how Victoria’s look changed after she was “freed” from the length!

Lady Gaga

The eccentric person has moved on to more natural shades, and it’s great!

Kristen Stewart

A celebrity has brightened her hair, how fortunate it is to be the judge!

Celebrity Hairstyles: Emma Stone

Yeah, the actress makes us happy by changing the character several times a year! The thirst for change, apparently…

Irina Shayk

Unexpected and perhaps even shocking change. We still hope it’s an image for the photoshoot!

Celebrity hairstyles: Zendaya

Honestly, we feel sorry for Zendaya’s beautiful hair!

Gina Rodriguez

What are you gonna do for the part? Gina turned into a real punk-gall, and even that suits her!

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