Sabyasachi’s Chandbali Earring Designs

Traditional Sabyasachi kundan gold plated chandbali earrings
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Find designer Chandbali Earring Designs from Sabyasachi for occasions like wedding to give unique traditional look to yourself!

With the peak of shadi season all around us, we have got a lot of responsibility to decide our ensembles for each occasion. Choosing your couture is easy but choosing what to style with it perfectly with not doing any blunder in fashion and trend can be tough. In such a ballgame you often look for suggestions of trending adornments for various kinds of outfits, right? So, here is a list of top-rated Sabyasachi’s Chandbali earrings you can try this wedding season. Have a look!

Sabyasachi’s Chandbali Earring Designs

The Luxurious Chandbali

The Luxurious Chandbali earring for Bride

It all comes to fascination and luxury when you talk about jewelry. You have found a glorious art piece of Sabyasachi’s Chandbali earrings that can make anybody look rich and posh at any occasion. The earrings start with a floral pattern and moving down they are impeccably anchored with star and leaf-shaped diamonds. They end with comely multiple kundans which add to the royalty of the piece. You can wear these earrings to a party or a wedding function and comrade them with a saree or a lehenga. If you are wearing it to a wedding occasion then you can adorn a maang tika and necklace too.

The Chic and Venus Piece

The Chic and Venus Piece Sabyasachi's Chandbali Earring Designs

You will love this Sabyasachi’s earring if you like to play it polychrome at a party. Look at the gorgeous blend of red, green and white in one single admirable pair of earrings. The earrings are chic and Venus at the same time. If you don’t want your look to be overdone or extra then you can choose this pair. If you are to wear these at your wedding then you can dance them perfectly on your Sangeet or Mehndi ceremony. Wear it with a lehenga or an Indo-western would also do. Style them integral by pairing them with a neck choker.

Desi Girl’s World-Class Earrings

Desi Girl’s World-Class Earrings

Bollywood’s Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra looked extremely lavish and steamy when she wore these erotic earrings from Sabyasachi. She wore them to the famous television show “The Kapil Sharma Show”. These earrings were hulking and were looking completely regal on her. They were carved perfectly with the Chandbali pattern, the kundans, and the pearls. Their color being golden make them suitable for every attire and every occasion. But, according to my opinion they will, one hundred percent go with a white-colored sober saree. If you completely follow the whole PC look then don’t forget to polish your lips hot red.

The Golden-Silver Twist

The Golden-Silver Twist heavy Earrings

Jeweled utterly grandiose here is presenting Sabyasachi’s most fabulous work on earrings. These earrings are so artistic that they look both modern and traditional at the same time. If you have a close look at them you will find that they are spawned with a bird with her wings open. Moving down, there is a highly defined chain connecting the bird and the oval-shaped latkan. The latkan too is incredibly defined with white pearls and triangle-shaped kundans. You can rig these with a saree on some family outings or casual occasions.

Perfectly Extravagant

Alia Bhatt Statement Earrings

Alia Bhatt wore these exuberant set of ornate while promoting her movie Kalank. The whole cast dressed red and so did Alia. She did the deed by wearing a red buttoned one piece and wonderfully matched the earrings with the dress. The fanciest thing about these pairs of earrings is that they are long and defined. To stand in the spotlight while wearing these earrings, my suggestion would be to wear them with a cold shoulder dress or a cold shoulder blouse if you are wearing a saree or a lehenga. This way your collar bone will be defined. Wave your hair and apply nude makeup to look kingly.

Paan Chandbali Earrings

Alia Bhatt Paan Chandbali Earrings

Versatile beauty Alia Bhatt wore these fabulously created earrings by Sabyasachi and totally pulled them over. I would say the authenticity of these earrings is defined by their unique peacock green color. The upper part of these earrings is oxidized with white pearl beads screwed in them. The Chandbali is shaped into a heart and its inner bounds are jeweled adorably with small white pearls. Alia paired them eminently with a peacock green printed frilled Sabyasachi’s saree. You can wear these earrings to official parties or occasions with a saree or maybe a long kurta.

White Splendor

White Splendor Sabyasachi's Chandbali Earring Designs

Oh my god! I know you are with me when I will say that these Sabyasachi’s earrings are a “sent from heaven” piece for every girl. I also know you are already picturing yourself in your heads wearing these beauties. Seems like these earrings have their voice and speak for themselves when it comes to glamour. The deadly combination of pearls and kundans makes them extremely glowing. I would highly suggest you wear them at night lights. Pair them exactly how they are paired in the image with a black royal saree and a sleeveless blouse. You can wear it to weddings or some royal night parties.

Best Heritage Collection

Best Heritage Collection Earrings

Archana Akil Kumar looks a stand-alone and out of the crowd girl wearing these earrings from the Sabyasachi’s heritage collection. They are jeweled in a very fashionable order with white pearls, green stones, oxidized gold, and triangular kundans. Since they are from the summer collection from Sabyasachi, you can wear them with one-pieces or middies. You can wear them on beach parties, birthdays or other casual functions. These earrings are matchable to any skin tone.

The Jhaanjhar Pattern

The Jhaanjhar Pattern Sabyasachi's Chandbali Earring Designs

These earrings are patterned the same way as a traditional ankle bracelet is designed. With a lot of heavy latkans and kundans, these are an awe-striking pair of heavy traditional jewelry. The earrings are jeweled with a lot of green, red and black kundans. The outer part of the Chandbali portion is classicly designed with a chain of white pearls. You can wear these beauties with a red saree and it is my guarantee you will look disparate. Put your hair into a bun, that way your jewelry will look more defined.

I think you must have found the most pristine match for your upcoming ensemble from the drop-down. My suggestion to each woman while she adorns some jewelry is to always carry a bare neck and big earrings. It gives you an alluring yet chic look.

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