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How To Fix Yellow Hair Or Brassy Hair Right After Bleaching

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Are you disappointed after the lightning, when instead of the long-awaited shining blonde you got a yellow and not-so-pleasant shade on your hair? Don’t worry, many blondes face this problem, but you can fight yellowness. Yellowish tones are very common in bleached blonde hair and they are caused by hot streaks in your natural hair, hair having a natural undercoat or secondary pigment, which is visible when lightening it or even if you have been in the sun very long. We explored the causes of this shade and some important points on how to get rid of it.

Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Yellow Hair

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How To Remove The Yellowness From The Hair: Understand The reasons

All shades of yellow may appear on your curls due to clarification or melting. The reaction of natural pigment is often unpredictable and individual. But the main causes of yellowness, however, can be highlighted, and thus corrected!

Poor quality or incorrectly selected paint- Yellowness on the hair may appear as a result of the use of cheap or even expensive but expired dye. Trust a choice of a qualitative dye to the professional who, considering your individual features, will advise you necessary paint.

Incorrect coloring- And we are not even talking about violation of technology! The matter is that time of influence of paint is defined by the initial color of hair. Who do you think has the best chance of choosing the right time, you or your hairdresser?

Incorrect rinsing after dyeing- Strange as it may seem, what you do with your hair immediately after it has been dyed is very important not only for the condition but also for the color of your hair! After dyeing, the scales open and can absorb unwanted substances. Therefore, when you rinse your hair with running water, you get rust, unnecessary salts, etc. And as a result, instead of a stunning blonde – yellow, sometimes even dirty shade. Use filtered or mineral water for this important procedure.

Your original color is dark or black- The hardest thing to do is to achieve the right shade of hair for brunettes from nature. Your pigment in this case is characterized by increased resistance to lightning. Not only will you need a few lightning procedures, but it will be much harder to get rid of yellowness than the blond lucky ones.

How To Get Rid Of Yellowness From The Hair

How to get the yellowness out of your hair: the choice of professionals
You need to review your hair care to get rid of the unwanted shade. You don’t need to run to the barbershop and dye your hair immediately, you’ll only hurt your already weakened hair. Believe me, you have a lot to choose from!

We recommend:

Silver Shampoo – look for this inscription on the bottle! These products contain a purple pigment that can neutralize yellowness. The formula is gentle, so you won’t hurt your hair like when you dye it again. Remember, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully so that you don’t get a violet glare.

Blond Explosion shampoo- Budget, but very qualitative means, called to rescue your curls from undesirable shades.

“Color activator” mousse-tonic is a great remedy without ammonia, which will not hurt your hair.

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The Essence Ultime mask is just a few times to get you out of yellowness. But even after the long-awaited effect does not forget from time to time to use a miracle tool.

Tonics” of ash shades is the most budgetary variant worth your attention. After a few applications, you will get rid of the unwanted shade.

How To Remove The Yellowness After Melting

Your variant is a little bit more difficult than the previous one, so it’s better to contact a professional and make the tinting with a purple tint. But don’t forget professional shampoos, clean rinse water, and hair masks.

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