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Janhvi Kapoor’s Earring Desgins: Diamond Drop earring, Dangler ruby traditional earring, chandelier gold and polki earring, big ear loops falling drop design, Jadau polki and emerald chaand baalis, Kundan Floral earring with pearls, silver Jhumkas & More!

Janhvi Kapoor is one of the latest Bollywood addition who have surprised everyone with her acting in movie Dhadak. The kapoor clans Janhvi Kapoor has an amazing dressing sense like her other sisters. She is stylish and classy. Janhvi has been known for her various styles, she is seen wearing cotton kurtas most of the time and is mostly seen without makeup. From her award show looks, to her ramp walk, she has aced in almost all the different ways.

Janhvi Kapoor accessory game is extremely strong and has earrings that everyone will feel the need to have after reading this article. Janhvi Kapoor earrings comes in various variety like Ear loops, jadau earrings, Ruby and pearls, emerald, uncut diamonds, along with he statement pieces like chaand baalis, she has it all.

So K4 Fashion wants to give you an insight on her styling game. She is edgy, stylish, sophisticated and still can look beautiful in Indian wear as well.

Janhvi Kapoor’s Earring Designs

Diamond Drop earrings

Diamond Drop earrings

Janhvi Kapoor was spotted wearing this feather dress on the Vogue X Nykaa Fashion Power List 2019 Awards which was held in Mumbai. She looked stunning in the dress and she accessorised it with the beautiful diamond drop earrings which looked subtle, classy and gorgeous.

You can pair these earrings with almost all the different kinds of outfits like a jumpsuit, a dress or an Indian traditional Lehenga or a silhouette can also be worn with these earrings. they are diamonds and they look so royal and subtle . These earrings are best suited for any kind of occasions as well. You can wear them for the dinner you are hosting, or the Diwali party , these drop diamond earrings are here to stay and can be accessorised with any kind of outfit for any kind of occasion as well.

Long Diamond Earrings

Long Diamond Earrings

Janhvi was spotted wearing this beautiful sequin saree by Manish Malhotra for a wedding she was attending. She paired this saree with loose curls , subtle make up and gorgeous long diamond earrings. These earrings are designed by Khanna Jewellers and are looking exquisite on her. Janhvi Kapoor earrings are so extravagant and shiny that any one can spot these even from a distance.

You can wear these earrings for the family weddings and pair it up with a shimmery white an ivory gown. The design of the earrings is so modern and chic and looks good on Janhvi Kapoor. You can wear these earrings for various ceremonies as well. If it is a party you are hosting, or a wedding you have to go for, it can even be chosen by the brides for their reception party as well. The design will go for all the women.

Dangler ruby traditional earrings

The chandelier gold and polki earringsDangler ruby traditional earrings Janhvi Kapoor's earrings

For a book launch event, Janhvi wore an off white saree with the long ruby traditional earrings. She looked gorgeous for the event and those earrings were shinning all the way long. The detailings of gold flower on the top with the ruby stoned half moon design and tasseled design at the ned looked so elaborate and gorgeous at the same time.

The beautiful Tarun Tahiliani saree looked really stunning on Janhvi. These dangler ruby earrings are best suited with traditional outfits only since the design is very traditional and detailings are very ethnic so pair it up with a saree or salwar kameez and you are good to go.

These earrings can be worn for the dewlap parties, or for the family get together or for the weddings as well. You can rock these earrings in the proper Indian celebrations that kept happening once in every three months.

The chandelier gold and polki earrings

The chandelier gold and polki earrings Janhvi Kapoor's earrings

For the Ambani wedding celebrations, the little Kapoor wore this. beautiful mirror work Lehenga by Abujani Sandeep Khosla who are on elf the best and ace Bollywood designers known for their chikan kari work and traditional designer outfits. Janhvi wore these beautiful long chandelier designed earrings which looked very gorgeous and was complementing her over all look.

You can wear these earrings with Anarkali, or sarees as well. Try to wear it with Indian outfits only because the design of the earrings is extremely traditional.

Also suitable for brides for their pre wedding celebrations. These earrings looked extremely heavy and gorgeous. You can also pair these earrings with Kanjeevaram sarees as well to give a south Indian look. These earrings will be suitable for weddings, and receptions only.

The diamond flower earring

The diamond flower earringJanhvi Kapoor's earrings

The flower shaped diamond earrings looks so gorgeous, delicate and beautiful. Janhvi is wearing these earrings on traditional outfit but you can wear these earrings with dresses, gowns and silhouette’s as well. The design is very modern and trendy and since these are diamonds so can be paired up with modern outfits as well.

If you like. you can pair these earrings with the sarees as well. The diamond earrings are an investment worth making simple because they never go out of fashion and can be paired up with almost everything.

You can wear these earrings for a dinner party, or a wedding celebration, a lunch date with your beau or a cocktail party as well. These earrings will shine in all the various kinds of occasions.

The gold chaand baali

The gold chaand baali Janhvi Kapoor's earrings

Janhvi Kapoor is wearing chaand ballis which are made of gold and have small pearl design in the end. This is a traditional Indian jewellery so it is best suited with traditional Indian outfits like sarees, lehengas or salwar kameez.

You can wear it for the weddings, for various festival celebrations and for the different occasions where you are wearing Indian Outfits. These earrings can be purchased by brides as well and they can wear it on their wedding day as well. The earrings have uncut diamonds and gold in them so they can be extremely expensive as well. You can buy the design in artificial as well if you like it. It will be cheaper and will go well the Anarkali you wish to wear for your friends wedding.

The big ear loops

The big ear loops Janhvi Kapoor's earrings

These multi coloured statement ear loops can be paired up with every kind of outfits. It can be worn with a pant suit just like Janhvi is wearing or with a skirts, jeans or even Indo western outfits.

You can wear it to the clubs, night party at a friends place, for the summer vacation in Greece or even for a casual day out with your friends. These earrings are inclined towards modern design so best suited with the modern outfit but if you want to wear it with traditional outfits, you can do that as well to jazz up the outfit with a little modern bling effect of your own.

The earring design has been in trend for long and have been spotted on Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif and even on Deepika Padukone as well. You can also get inspired by the looks and get these statement ear loops for yourself.

The falling drop design

The falling drop design

Janhvi Kapoor earrings looks so modern and unique. These earrings are paired up with a floral wrap dress, since the design is so different you can pair it up with both modern casual outfits as well as Indian ethnic wear. These earrings are golden n colour so pair it up with light colours, printed dresses, jeans and kurtas, jumpsuits, the embellished sari, or the cocktail wear . You can wear it on different kinds of occasions.

Depending on the occasion you can style it up with different kinds of outfits. Even if you wish to wear it with ethnic wear, try to wear it with designer outfits not the proper Indian traditional outfits, something designer, contemporary and unconventional will look radiant with these earrings.

Jadau polki and emerald chaand baalis

Jadau polki and emerald chaand baalis Janhvi Kapoor's earrings

For a ramp walk for Raghvendra Rathore, Janhvi was styled with these beautiful jadau polki and emerald chaand baalis paired up with the black outfit. She is looking so edgy and gorgeous in this designer outfit. Janhvi Kapoor earrings are as dazzling as her personality. She wore it for a ramp walk.

You can also pair it up with vibrant and edgy colour on designer outfits. Try to keep the designs of the outfits with less work on them so that the earrings can outshine and charm everyone. The design is very traditional so try to pair them up with more Indian outfits. You can wear them on gowns for receptions as well.

The emerald chaand baalis are a must have earrings these days as they can instantly make your over all outfit looks more stunning and vibrant.

Diamond emerald long earrings

Diamond emerald long earrings

Janhvi Kapoor earrings are so stunning. She is looking gorgeous and the earrings are stealing the show for everyone else. These beautiful diamond emerald long earrings are to die for. The earrings are long and since the emeralds are so big it is in the best interest to let the earrings be the only accessory you wear.

You can pair it up with he Indian outfits and can wear for your own reception party. Or you can wear it with the gown or the silhouette as well for the cocktails or for the more sophisticated events. The charity events, cocktail parties, Diwali parties, festivals, weddings all of the occasions are suitable for the earrings. You should not spare any occasion to flaunt this extremely gorgeous, and dreamy designer diamond emerald long earrings.

Kundan Floral earring with pearls

Kundan Floral earring with pearls

For the wedding celebrations of Sonam Kapoor , her cousin Janhvi Kapoor is wearing this gorgeous pink Lehenga and beautiful jewellery.  She is on her path to look as gorgeous as her mother Sridevi. The earrings are of Kundan floral design with a pearl in the end. The earrings have a traditional design and have ethnicity in it so in your best interest and also in the best interest of these earrings, it is best to be pared up with traditional outfit.

Look at Janhvi, she is wearing these earrings for her sisters marriage, so you can also wear it for the weddings, and festivals. Pair them up with the ethnic outfits like saris, or lehengas and you are good to go.

 Ear loops with shell detailings

Ear loops with shell detailings

Janhvi Kapoor earrings have a detailing of shell in them. The ear loops are contemporary and quite unconventional. The design is very modern and chic, so you can pair it up with modern outfits. You can pair it up with a pant suit and also with skirts and T-Shirts. You can wear a normal denim and a silk top with these earrings and you will look gorgeous.

Now if you like to make a point of fusion with every thing you wear then you can wear these earrings with sequin saree for the cocktail party as well. You can pair it up with a dress for the bachelor’s party as well. The earrings are apt and the design is ace. The designer shell ear loops are here to stay.

The silver Jhumkas

The silver Jhumkas Janhvi Kapoor's earrings

Janhvi Kapoor has been spotted wearing Kurtis all the time. She pair them up with silver jhumkas most of the time. So we have got a closer look towards her silver jhumkas for you. The design is beautiful and can be paired up with cotton Kurtis and even with handloom sarees.

You can wear them casually with your everyday kurtas and grout for work and anywhere else. You can wear it on festivals like Diwali, or holi, Raksha Bandhan as well.

Silver pearl earrings

Silver pearl earrings

Janhvi kapoor earrings collection is extremely variant. She is wearing the beautiful silver earring with pearls all over it. It can be paired up with casual kurtas, sarees and even with some bohemian shrugs, or outfits. These are best if worn casually and not to the parties. The design is simple and best suite door girls who wants her earrings to be simple.

These Janhvi Kapoor earrings article has been done to inspire you with the different kinds of earrings that you can own and pair them up with different kinds of outfits for almost all kinds of occasions. Pearls, diamonds, polkis, gold and even silver have been worn by our dearest Janhvi . So even you should have variety just like her.

K4 Fashion hopes that you have now got an idea on how to pair it up for which occasion. Leave comments if you have nay questions, we will surely answer them for you.

For more updates, stay tuned to K4 Fashion! And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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