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Know All About Kibbe’s Theatrical Romantic Clothing Styles

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The Romantic is one of the original 13 Kibbe body types. Today our review is devoted to the feminine and gentle type – “Theatrical Romantic”. Before reading this article, do the kibbe test to find out your body type. These girls are characterized by many features of pure classical romanticism, but in appearance, and above all, this concerns the face, which has a light geometry and clear features.

Kibbe types have two romantic body types, namely the Romantic type, and the Dramatic Romantic type, in the terminology of David Kibbe, founder of type theory, Dramatic Romanticism is a large proportion of Yin with a small pinch of Yang. Therefore, we get acquainted with a new type of romanticism and its style.

Kibbe’s Best Theatrical Romantic Clothing Styles

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Characteristic Appearance

Height: up to 165 cm.

Face: nose, cheekbones, and chin are sharp and pronounced, but miniature. Puffy lips and cheeks, eyes big.

Hair: straight, thin, silky/hard curly or wavy.

Figure: harmoniously wide, slightly pointed shoulders, all other lines of the figure are smooth and soft, three-dimensional chest and hips,well drawn waist,slightly curvaceous arms and legs.

Stars: Dita Von Teese, Megan Fox, Barbara Mori, Dani Minogue, Cheryl Cole, Rachel Weiss, Charlize Theron, Vivienne Lee.

General Style Recommendations

You have a reference type of hourglass figure. Therefore, we emphasize the natural beauty and keep a course on soft lines and smooth outlines, adding to them an unobtrusive note of geometry or straight lines. Such proportions can be found in one thing, for example, a shirt dress with an A-shaped skirt, or the whole set, as in the case of a light chiffon dress and a straight cut blazer.


  • Fitting models
  • Soft lines and rounded outlines
  • Draperies
  • Ruffles
  • Subtle shades
  • Flower prints are small and medium
  • Lace
  • Small portion of geometry
  • Theatrical romantic recommendations


  • Geometric ornaments
  • Apparent angles
  • Strict silhouettes
  • Militaristic style
  • Oversize style
  • Hippie elements
  • Punk and grunge
  • Theatrical romantic that you can’t wear

Pants, Skirts, And Jeans

Skirts should be light and flowing, but still, repeat your silhouette. Note the tulip model (draped at the waist and taper at the bottom of the hem), and the soft asymmetrical and lush A-shaped skirts. The necessary geometry will be created by basque and smooth cascades. Pants with drapery in the waist area and slightly narrowing to the bottom are also preferred. Such characteristics have trousers, trousers, and bananas. Brilliantly fit flare jeans from the knee with an unobtrusive width of the trouser.

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Dresses, Blouses, And Jackets

Blouses and dresses are selected from light fabrics with draperies, folds, and the addition of ruffles, flounces, and bows. A small portion of geometry – V-neck or square, straight cut – will be very useful. Dresses should be feminine, with an emphasis on the waist and create a smooth line. Choosing a jacket, give preference to the fitted models, which will emphasize your figure to the maximum advantage. And shoulders will accentuate your pointed shoulders and set the right proportions for the image. Pay attention to models with basque.

Shoes and Accessories

We select accessories based on the overall geometry of the image. If the image is soft, with smooth and rounded lines – you can add a small portion of straight lines and angles. In the case of shoes, models with rounded noses and elegant heels are welcome. Slightly pointy boat shoes or heeled boots will look in harmony. Choose bags with soft outlines: duffle, hobo, with tightening laces. Jewelry should be exquisite and rounded, decorated with lace, curls, or filigree technique.



Hair and Makeup

Hair should be neat, with soft lines and outlines. No effect of “sizzling”, give the hair light and natural volume with all sorts of women’s tricks: spray for the root volume, hair, ironing “waffle” and so on. Remember, straight flowing strands, light waves, and playful curls are your business cards. In makeup, avoid multi-layers, apply the cosmetics delicately and without excesses – all that we recommended for girls like “romantic”. However, you are allowed a little more: you can experiment with the arrows, try on different geometries or play with contrasting colors, applying shadows. Accentuate your cheekbones with a little blush.

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