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All About Kibbe’s Soft Classic Body Type And Clothing

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A Soft Classic is symmetrical with slightly rounded edges they have soft Body Flesh and Facial Features. The Soft Classic body type is defined by a blended balance between yin and yang, leaning slightly more towards yin., these girls are more likely to have features of pure classics. However, their rounded shapes and soft features do not allow them to stand in the same line as girls like “classic”. Here’s another type of David Kibbe – “soft classic”. In the language of Kibbe, the founder of the theory of types, the appearance of soft classics is the harmony and balance of yin and yang, with a slight predominance of yin, feminine soft, and rounded shapes. We offer to get acquainted with these girls and their styles closer.

Check These Kibbe’s Soft Classic Clothing For You

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Characteristic Appearance

Height: up to 168 cm.

Face: all parts of the face are harmoniously proportional and evenly arranged. Facial features are full, smooth, and soft. Lips and cheeks are puffy, eyes are big and expressive.

Hair: any hair structure is possible.

Figures: balanced, compact, slightly lush. The chest, waist, and hips are approximately the same vertical. Shoulders slightly pointed.

Stars: Naomi Watts, Emma Thompson, Marion Cotiyar, Caroline Arera, Merle Oberon, Olivia De Havilland, Meryl Streep, Norma Shearer.

General Style Recommendations

When choosing a wardrobe, remember that you are more of a Classic. In your images use only a small fraction of the softness and romance that is present in your appearance. Give this role to details, print, or accessories. The lines and silhouette should be smooth, rounded, and arched, and the sets and prints should be low-contrast.


  • Symmetry in cut and prints
  • Soft and rounded shapes
  • A moderate portion of ruffles, flounces, bows, and draperies
  • Classic fit
  • Low color contrast and total look kits
  • Lungs and medium-thickness fabrics
  • Concise and unobtrusive accessories
  • Gentle and pastel shades


  • Oversize stuff
  • Voluminous geometry and lush, rounded shapes sharp lines, and angles
  • Complex textures, heavy fabrics, coarse knitting
  • Big patterns, screaming prints, and pains
  • Bulky jewelry, bags, hats, and scarves

Pants, Skirts, And Jeans

Symmetrical, lightweight, flowing – the main criteria for choosing a skirt. The silhouette should be soft and the unobtrusive drapery will create the desired smooth lines and light dynamics. Pay attention to the slightly flared skirts, A-shaped models, and lightweight trapeze skirts. Pants and jeans in shape and smoothly repeating body lines are preferred. That’s why the classic model with a tapered leg is an ideal choice. A pair of soft folds on the belt will be an additional plus.

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Dresses, Blouses, And Jackets

Dresses and blouses should sit well on the figure, repeat her lines and look elegant. Remember the same details that emphasize the “soft” part of your classic type. This can be a slightly flared hem to the bottom in the case of a dress, light drapery, ruffles at the collar or on the cuffs, and so on. A good fit is a necessary criterion for jackets as well. It can be short or medium-length models, fitted, with tapered sleeves, unobtrusive basque, or drapery at the shoulders.

Shoes and Accessories

Shoes should be concise, feminine, and narrow in appearance (heel, sock). Avoid causing high and massive heels, rough leather goods, and excessive fittings. And you should have a small to medium-sized handbag made of soft and medium-hard materials and have rounded shapes. These can be hobo bags or models with tightening laces. Don’t let your jewelry get too much attention and be soft and concise. All kinds of curls, camels, lace, and stones are allowed, but in very small portions.

Hair and Makeup

When we put on makeup, we emphasize it all and little by little. We recommend a light shine or mother-of-pearl to the lips, a light blush to the cheeks, a portion of matte shadows, and a small flickering portion to the eyes. Eyebrows should not be painted carefully: a pair of strokes with pencil or shadows will give the desired natural look. Avoid clear boundaries and multilayered effects. Hair should look tidy, well-groomed, and without intrusive volume. Natural curls or waves are laid out with special sprays, removing the fluffy veil around the head. Straight hair is recommended to be cut straight back and a couple of cascading strands on the face.


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