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You are introduced to Kibbe’s body typing system. Speaking in the language of David Kibbe, the creator of type theory, girls’ “flamboyant natural” appearance is well-defined yang with a distinctive angularity. In this system, you are typed based on three main components—your bone structure, how your flesh lays on your body, and your facial features. In these girls you can find the traits of playwrights and straight men, but “shiny natural” is not a combination of these two types.

If you think you are a flamboyant natural, this article will help. We offer you to get acquainted with the types and learn about the features of the wardrobe of bright straight guys.

What Is Kibbe Flamboyant Natural Body Type?

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Characteristic Appearance

Height: up to 165 cm.

Face: well-defined, blunted, angular facial bones (chin, cheekbones, nose). Face unobtrusively wide, cheeks sunken, eyes big/straight small, lips straight and thin.

Hair: straight and thin/hard and curly

Shape: wide bone, square shape, straight lines, wide shoulders, with no expressed roundness. According to this system, the chest, waist, and hips are approximately on the same line. Muscularity is characteristic.

Stars: Princess Diana, Cameron Diaz, Fera Fossett, Chloe Kardashian, Blake Lively, Claudia Schiffer, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford.

General Style Recommendations

We’re setting up a wardrobe, heading for free silhouettes. Straight cut, oversize things, geometric shapes with softened angles – definitely your choice. Clothes should be relaxed and represent freedom.


  • Straight, loose fit, oversize
  • Wide silhouettes
  • Asymmetry in the cut and prints
  • Soft horizontal or vertical lines
  • Textured fabrics and materials
  • Cutout
  • Soft and blurry prints


  • Geometry with sharp and sharp angles
  • Precise fit, strict silhouettes
  • An abundance of ruffles, flounces, lace
  • Weightless and transparent fabrics
  • Strict symmetry

Pants, Skirts, And Jeans

Free-cut and wide trousers are the main criteria for choosing trousers. Note the a la menswear models. Products with assembly at the waist and drapery along the entire length of the trousers will fit. If jeans, then boyfriends or wide Kosh. Skirts choose long, straight, and soft to the touch, and look. Models extending to the bottom and asymmetrical hem are allowed. If there is a desire to put on mini – forward! Just remember a couple of rules: a model with an original design combined with a free top will suit you brilliantly. Such a couple will not leave a single chance of vulgarity.

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Dresses Blouses And Jackets

The principle of free cut also applies to blouses. Let it be spacious and relaxed models. Perfect for tops with open shoulders, draperies, and notches. The freer the jacket, the better. Silhouette – straight, no fitted models. Pay attention to products with shoulder pads and wide cuts. Watch out for length: the jacket is ideal if its bottom reaches the middle of the hip. Choosing a dress, it is necessary to rush from extremity to extremity. The already well-proven wide models and narrow (waist) dresses are shown. Despite their cut, the latter should still look relaxed and free. This will help to achieve wide sleeves, drapery, a wide top of the dress, and other design solutions. At evening events, it is worth arming yourself with products made of metalized materials, satin, or brocade.

Shoes and Accessories

Preferably, the shoes should be on low stroke or a massive, low, quirky heel. It should look tough, but be with softened angles. All kinds of decor are welcome: lacing, straps, eyelets, fringes, rivets. If you choose a couple for the evening, the most open model will fit perfectly into the festive ensemble. Ideal are large shapeless bags with soft outlines. Pay attention to the shoppers or hobos. But there are exceptions. A clutch case with a corresponding evening decoration will be perfect for the evening. Elegant, massive, slightly rough jewelry will definitely suit you. These can also be natural materials: stones, leather, wool, or suede. Or a more glamorous variant: large artificial pearls, crystals, metal.

Hair And Makeup

Two main wishes for your makeup are expressive cheekbones and bright lips with shine. If the shadows, then natural shades. Bright colors are acceptable, but only in small portions during the day. But in the evening you can allow more colors. Wear your hair loose, and show its natural beauty. There should be slight negligence, splendor, and volume. Try cascading haircuts. Owners of curly hair can give their hair a slightly ruffled look by whipping curls with their hands with foam. But girls with straight hair can experiment with flat or bigwigs and do the same manipulations.

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