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Peacock Nail Art Designs

Nail artworks come in various shades, patterns, and designs which makes them suitable for anyone and everyone. To make a fashion statement, ladies and nowadays even gents paint their nails using different nail art designs. Nail designs throughout history have evolved so much and the present designs that we see are inspired by Japanese nail art designs from the 1900s. And various themes are used to make nail art designs more vibrant and colorful for anyone to get inclined to try them for themselves.

When we said about various themes being used for nail art designs, that includes anything from film or movie characters to different animate and inanimate objects. Most popularly animals and flowers are used as the inspiration though. And peacock is one of the animals that motivates animal lovers to try the peacock theme nail artworks. So, we brought you a list of some of the amazing peacock nail art designs for you to try out. Take a look at it!

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This Summer Try These Peacock Nail Art Designs

Peacock Feathers on Black Nail Art Design

Peacock Nail Art Designs Peacock Feathers on Black Nail Art Design
Image Source: Ashley Cristobal

This nail art design is a classy one indeed. All the fingernails are painted with black matte nail paint and thus used as the base paint here. Then, the lovely peacock feathers using yellow, green, and blue colors are painted over the black nail paint on the middle and the ring fingernails of the right hand as well as the index and the ring fingernails of the left hand.

Peacock Feathers on Skin Nail Art Design

Image Source: Rose B. Nails

This is a bejewelled nail art design. First, skin nail paint is used to do the base coat, then various patterns are drawn over that base paint. Peacock feathers are painted on most of the fingernails using black, green, blue and gold glitters. Then we also have jeweled patterns painted on the remaining fingernails using big silver and yellow stones, small gold pearls, and black nail paint to draw triangles and lines.

 Blue Theme Peacock Nail Art Design

Image Source: Anya

This is a sparkly peacock theme nail art design. The index and the little fingernails have been painted with blue glittered nail polish. Then the middle and the ring fingernails have been painted with white nail paint as the base. The middle fingernail adorns the peacock feather with two small birds nearby in blue. The ring fingernail dons on the small birds on branches in blue nail paint.

Peacock Inspired Blue Shaded Nail Art Design

Image Source: Natalie Walker Nail Artist

This is also another lovely peacock-inspired nail art design. All the patterns here are similar, though they are just donned on different fingernails corresponding to each hand. Two fingernails have simple blue nail paint. Two more fingernails have peacock feathers on them in gold, deep, and light blue. Two others have only the tips of the fingernails in various shades of blue. And the last pattern we can view is the pentagon shapes again in different shades of blue.

Peacock in Various Colours Nail Art Designs

Image Source: Kakolicious

This is a rather simple peacock theme nail art design. All the fingernails are painted using skin color nail paint. On the index fingernail, the side tip on the top is painted with yellow, blue, and pink for the peacock theme look. And the same thing is done on the bottom tip of the ring fingernail.

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Peacock Theme in White and Bluish-violet Nail Art Design

Image Source: Corgis Wine and Nails

What a beautiful peacock-inspired nail art design we have here! All the fingernails except the middle one are painted using the blue and violet glittery mix shaded nail paint to give out that bright look. The middle fingernail has a white base coat and a lovely peacock feather on top of it.

Peacock Face Nail Art Design

Image Source: Nail Love by Kylie

The image below shows a cute peacock theme nail art design. Two fingernails on each hand have simple nail paint on them. One fingernail has peacock feathers in white, pink, blue, and yellow over the skin base coat. The other fingernail has a peacock face on it in black, white, blue, yellow and violet.

Peacock Feather Inspired in Black and White Nail Art Design

Image Source: Nail Cocktail

The white nail paint on two fingernails has visible leafy patterns on them. The black nail paint on two fingernails has stones glued on them. The main attraction of this nail artwork though is the peacock feather patterns painted over the matte black nail paint on the rest of the fingernails.

Peacock Feather Theme with Stars and Waves Nail Art Design

Image Source: Belle Voir

Skin nail paint is used as the base coat for all the fingernails. Some fingernails have rainbow waves like patterns in green and different shades of blue with white stars around. And then some fingernails have beautiful peacock feathers drawn on them in typical peacock feather colors.

Elegant Peacock Feather Theme Nail Art Design

Image Source: Kim Rainbow Nails

This nail art design is kind of similar to the above image. Skin nail paint is used as the base coat for all fingernails. Then small blue dotted patterns are used for some fingernails and the rest have peacock feathers on them with sharp colours of green and shades of blue.

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Peacock Nails in Muddy Brown Art Design

Image Source: Colors Nail

What a unique and gorgeous nail art design the below image portrays with peacock inspiration! Brown is the theme color here. Delicate and intricate feather patterns are made on the index and the ring fingernails of both hands using muddy brown and skin-brown color with glitters. The rest of the fingernails have skin-brown nail color with gold glitters on the tips of the nails.

Peacock Feathers in Violet Nail Art Design

Image Source: Mesauda Nail Pro

Violet nail paint is the theme color here. The index and the little fingernails have simple shiny deep violet nail paint. A light violet base coat is used for the middle and the ring fingernails and peacock feathers are painted over them. This is a sophisticated design that you will love to try.

Peacock Feathers in Green and Black Nail Art Design

Image Source: Nails at No8

Another elegant nail art design we have here. Most of the fingernails have green nail paint as the base coat. Then the ring fingernails have a skin-brown base coat and a black peacock feather with gold in it is designed over it. You should try this if you’re looking for something simple yet something classy.

Colors And Glitters

Image Source: Blush Baby

Starting with these insanely pretty peacock nails. The mixture of colors and abstract design here is sure to catch your attention. We have a variety of colors used here including teal, pink, and dark blue. We also have a nail full of blue glitter with a translucent base.

Peacock Feather Nails

Image Source: Rebecca Wilkinson

In this design, we particularly see the feathers of the peacock. The feathers of the peacock are otherwise meant to represent the qualities like kindness, patience, and good fortune. We have almond-shaped nails here with a translucent base. The feathers have been made by stroking dark blue, light blue, green, and glitters.

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Spring Peacock Feathers

Image Source: SaBella

This design is a perfect example of simple yet elegant. The nail art comprises almond-shaped nails- we have the center nails painted in teal blue only at the cuticles and feathers have been drawn on two of them. The other nails have been painted in the aquamarine glittery shade.

Royal Peacock Nails

Image Source: Mai Maiomj

Every ounce of this design screams out royalty! The perfect nails for a glam outing that is going to compliment that glittery dress of yours. We have almond-shaped nails here – two nails have peacock feathers drawn at the cuticles while the center nail of both the fingers has these bluestone embellishments with a silver pattern beside it. The remaining nails are painted in a blue glittery nails shade.

Gold Feathers

Image Source: Es Nail Japan

This design is a bit different from the others, especially because of the unique color usage here. This nail art shows the bronze, gold, brown, and blue colors of the peacock out of the many colors a peacock has. We have three nails painted as a feather along with gold embellishments while the other nails have been painted in brown, out of which a few have this marble-like texture. The gold feather has to be the highlight of this design.

Long Peacock Nails

Image Source: Natalie Falcone

Now if you are someone who can handle long nails, then this design is for you. The base of these long nails is translucent with purplish glitter. On top of it, we have peacock feathers made which are covering the entire nail. We also have bluestone-like embellishments.

Matte Peacock Nails

Image Source: Ninisfab Nails

These are such clean-cut nails with a matte finish. The matte green color is for all the wins here. We have the pinky fingernails painted in green glitter which adds all the shimmer to these nails. We have peacock feathers drawn on two nails, but the designs are different. We also see tiny stone embellishments on two nails.

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Arctic White Peacock Nails

Image Source: Sammy Dowd

The entire look of these nails is giving out such a calming effect to the eyes and mind, aren’t they? The two nails in the middle have an arctic white base with a peacock drawn on one while the other has two purple feathers drawn. The rest of the nails have been painted in blue shimmer and glitters.

French Faded Nails

Image Source: Amanda Brown Le Educator

This is such a pretty yet simple design. These are faded nails where we merge two colors to give it a faded look. The two colors that have been merged here are cream white and nude. We have feathers drawn on two nails in white which look so subtle.

Nude Peacock Nails

Image Source: Get Nailed

This design comprises long nails with a nude base. We have peacock feathers drawn with a unique effect on each nail. The color palette here includes two shades of green and blue. Carrying off such vivid colors on a nude base is truly a unique take on nail art.

Chameleon Peacock Nails

Image Source: La Rue Nails

These call for the perfect glam nails! The pointy edges of these nails are giving major power girl vibes. The base of these nails is matte – the color used is metallic with a combination of purple and blue. We have a peacock and its feathers drawn in silver glitter along with bluestone-like embellishments. We also have two nails painted in blue glitter. Perfect nails for your next party!

Peacock Foot Nails

Image Source: Colors Nail

Well, if you are painting your nails, then why leave out your foot nails? Here we have inspiration if you wish to paint your foot nails too. We have feathers drawn in the color combination of white, brown, blue, and grey. We have tiny white dots on top of the feathers. The other nails have been painted with silver glitter.

Colorful Foot Nails

Image Source: Hiromi

Well, if you wish to add some colors to your nails, then here is an inspiration for you. We have feathers painted here in vivid colors such as orange, blue, white, green, and orange. We almost see every color here on each nail. Such colorful and bright nails!

Cartoon Peacock Nails

Image Source: Allure Nails

Here’s presenting to you the cutest design out of all! This is a step-by-step guide to drawing these cartoon-like peacock nails. The color palette used here is dark blue, white, black, orange, yellow, and neon green. The face of the peacock has been given a cartoon-like funny look. This design is also easy to do.

Animal nail art designs are something artistic and unique way to portray your love for nature and particularly animals. Various themes with unique designs and patterns have come up in the present that people try whatever suits them depending on their mood. The designs can be simple or heavy with bright colors with jeweled effects too. Peacock is generally beautiful creatures and when they are used as the theme for nail artwork, they bring out the beauty of women who try them. Thus, I hope that you have genuinely enjoyed the list we provided you with some awesome peacock nail designs.

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