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Here you will read pros and cons of online dating. In online dating you can date multiple people at the same time, sometime it may be good or some time it’s maybe frustrating or we may get into a serious relationship. 

In this era of technology, people are fond of the internet. Young people have started liking virtual life more and now and then they also love in virtual life. Counsellor Pranjani Malhotra says that on the online website, people first become friends with each other, but as time goes by, they gradually start dating each other.  Many times people get so close to each other through online conversations that even in real life, they start a series of meetings and dating. But before starting all these things, before you start being serious in an online relationship, you must keep in mind its advantage and disadvantages.

Online Dating apps and websites are interactive social platforms where you can have lots of options for friendship and dating. He or she likes making new friends. If you get bored with someone talking to them for a while, you can leave them alone. Because a lot of people meet here, who get a chance to know and understand?

This improves your communication skills and you may also feel like liberated souls after some conversations. We are often affected by new things and  like love and relaxed relationship. We want to do many new things for our happiness like making new friends, sharing your feelings with someone, spending time with someone.

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As we all know each and everything has pros and cons both so online dating also has its own pros and cons which are as follows:

Pros of Online Dating

  • Online people meet many of the persons which they had not met in their daily lives. You can have a partner of your choice online because you are having lot of people available to interact and engage.
  • Many of the online dating sites provide you with a safe and secure way of communicating with each other before meeting. You can have such a beautiful date before meeting each other virtually. This allows you a safe and secures that before any commitment.
  • Online dating does not mean that you have to find a partner for marrying. If you want to have someone to talk, then also you can have online dating. It brings some happiness in your life.

Always remember that online dating is the best used as a resource to meet individuals for eventual face to face dating.

Cons of Online Dating

  • Many times choices for partners become very difficult and confusing your search for partners online it looks like you are shopping for the partner. It doesn’t look like a satisfying relationship.
  • Having a quality which we want in our partner is not so easy. Matching and testing is a very difficult process if you are matched with your partner it doesn’t mean you is compatible with each other.
  • When you communicate online you have a General communication it does not include all information about each other which is included in a face to face interaction. You cannot know each other perfectly through online communication. That communication will be emotional and artificial.
  • Your relationship will not be manageable if you are online dating interaction with each other may you have a lot of options but not a real person you want.
  • You never know what a person is. Many times people make their fake ID and used to talk with peoples. They can also use you in different ways so you should be aware for it. It would not be beneficial for you.

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Online dating is having a lot of advantages whereas it also has a lot of disadvantages but according to me if you want to have online date you should have according to some of the basing things remembering in your mind. Be in a relationship job if you really want to be never tried to hurt someone. Online dating is good idea of dating someone sitting at your home but sometimes it become harmful for your own self. Online dating has some communication gaps but if you are truly in a relationship it doesn’t even matter. So it’s up to you that what you want.

Whenever you meet someone dating online, take full care of your safety. May be the next person you are talking to online is someone else, or they are not really that good, then you need to take care of yourself. Never meet in a lonely place or home. It has been heard many times that during video chat people click photos and blackmail other. If you do online video chat then take special care of this thing and be completely alert and careful.

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