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Have you ever had an itch to get a haircut and change your hairstyle? We experience this almost every day. Luckily, most iconic celebrities are always finding new hairstyles to match their moods. Celebrities’ hairstyles and hair colors change so frequently that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the changes. Only unsuccessful experiments with stars or miraculous transformations are evident.

We decided to sum up last year’s results and celebrate only the positive moments. The lists have some of the evergreen and awesome hairstyles from the entertainment industries which are undoubtedly worth trying.
So whose transformation do you want to applaud? Tell us in the comment section below.

23 Celebrities And Their Admirable Hairstyles

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Emma Watson

To shoot the movie “Beauty and the Beast” Emma had to get rid of the tired ombre and noticeably “darken”. Agree, the actress has become nobler with a new color?

Kristen Stewart

The actress returned to her favorite chocolate shade. And thank God! It’s time to give your hair a rest after such a terrible clarification.

Hailey Baldwin

The model decided on a bright experiment and did not fail!

Bella Hadid

Always a serious Bella is noticeably younger, cutting off her bangs.

Demi Lovato

A lover of experimentation over herself has decided to return to her natural shade. And how wonderful it is!

Jenna Devan Tatum

How bangs change a man! Jenna made us happy with the little changes in the image that have so globally affected her appearance.

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Celebrity Hairstyles: Rihanna

The Queen of Shambles just loves to shock the public with the changes in her head. But no one expected dreadlocks for sure! And, though, super-long braids didn’t last long, we can’t help but notice such a noticeable experiment of Rihanna!

 Emilia Clarke

The funny brunette decided on a soft blond with an ombre effect. Well, we approve, but we have to spend more time on laying.

Georgia May Jagger

The model decided to add a light, becoming much brighter!

Daisy Ridley

The Star Wars heroine is at war with boredom! At the next award, Daisy appeared with a cheerful hairstyle, which we like so much!

Sophie Turner

The Throne Games star traded copper for platinum. Excellent solution!

Selena Gomez

Raging curls or smooth hair? We are definitely for the first option!

Ariana Grande

Amazing fidelity to the high tail is no reason to always walk with the same hair. Ariana cut off her bangs, proving that she could easily change.

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Mila Kunis

Sweet Mila couldn’t resist and gave in to a universal love for a wavy bean. We don’t judge, especially since in her case it was a retro-style thing.

Elle Fanning

The young celebrity had a year of pink! And while Elle is experimenting with shades, we admire each of them.

Lily Collins

The shade of black cherry accentuates Lily’s porcelain skin, we approve!

Christina Aguilera

One of the brightest blondes in the show business has become no less noticeable fatal seductress!

Lady Gaga

The singer, whose hair took on all sorts of shapes and colors, decided this year to move on to more natural shades. That’s what love does to people!

Kaia Gerber

The promising young model has attracted public attention, cutting off hair and turning into a blonde.

Sherilyn Woodley

Dark color doesn’t always age, and Sherilyn proves it.

Allison Williams

The actress managed to soften her face with a simple bang and become more feminine.

Emma Roberts

Betting on a wavy look and a wonderful shade of blonde, Emma added points for a year ahead!

Dianna Agron

Diana’s sudden transition to the “dark side” pleased her fans and added new admirers.

Are you ready for a change?

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