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Every time of year has its benefits. With the leaves falling, follow your urge to change your look and wrap yourself in everything comfortable. We see autumn as an opportunity to update your hairstyle, we think of braids, buns, and curls of every shape, hats, headbands, silk scrunchies, and more.

We decided to tell you which long hairstyles will be in fashion. To help you get a little excited for the months ahead, we’re giving you a peek at the best hair trends for this season below.

Trendy And Exciting Hairstyles For This Autumn

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Long Haircuts: Beauty In Naturalness

For this haircut, we can thank the stylist, who listened to the women’s complaints that their hair looks ugly when dried naturally and thought of a way out! With this cut, you’re no longer a slave to your hair, just wash your hair and wait for it to dry. Hair will lie in the best way for you, keeping the fashionable carelessness!

Haircuts Autumn: Long Bob

Sherpton thinks this haircut is the future! Well, both the past and the present… Perhaps there is no celebrity who hasn’t tried this image. Keep up!

Bob In The Great Gatsby Style

Stylists inspired by the hairstyles of the famous film came up with a haircut in the style of the 20s. A great option for wavy hair!

Geometry- The Science Of Beauty

In the new season, it will be very useful to make a geometric cut, for example, in the form of a triangle. Show how brave and eccentric you are!

Long Haircuts For Curly Hair

Oh, with all the natural curls, you’ll say… And you’ll be wrong! With this haircut, you won’t even have to torture your bangs the longer they are and the more they come down, the better!

Autumn Haircut: Textured Forehead

Stylist John Barrett claims this haircut will last for a long time to come. So, run to the hairdressers! Emma Watson has already done it! Asked her master to make her face hair a little longer than the back.

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Autumn In The Rock Style

A haircut with a lot of layers on the face and a bangs on the forehead almost does not need to be stacked, so feel free to choose it if you don’t have time for styling.

Mireille Mathieu Is Coming Back

A new “reading” of the famous haircut was offered by Gucci stylists. This hairstyle is more versatile than you think and is suitable even for wavy hair. And the still trendy naturalness will allow you not to bother with styling.

Rebellious Style

Stylists from all over the world have conspired to present haircuts for wavy hair. Styling has never been so easy! If you have curly curls, you can choose this hairstyle!

Long haircut: Bring Negligence To Chic

It’s possible! Ask your stylist to cut hair just below the neck, add texture, and don’t forget about the bangs!

Autumn Haircut Vogue Style

The exquisite and inimitable hairstyle from leading stylists. Leave the bangs elongated to fit the look.

Let’s Remember The Page Haircut

Stylist Jean-Marc Maniatis offers the variation of his famous hairstyle this fall. Why not take advantage of his idea? One moment, this haircut is more suitable for smooth-haired girls, otherwise, the styling will turn into a real test.

Carre With Bangs

Jackie Cruz made us think of this haircut, believe me, in the fall of 2016, it’s gonna be very useful!

Long Haircut Autumn: Photos

We decided to collect the best ideas for inspiration right from the podiums and the red carpet, you will probably find a haircut for yourself! Have the courage to change for the new season, autumn is not a boring time at all!

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