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Slay Any Look In These Blonde Shades

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Decided to become a blonde? We approve! But do not rush, because there are a huge number of blond shades, and which one suits you is unknown. We all know there’s something about being blonde that makes you unexpectedly turn heads when you walk around. There are a multitude of different blonde hair color shades from which to choose is a big question, and we’ll help you with that. After choosing your favorite actress’s hair color, you can only guess which color it is. So, before visiting the salon, take into account the peculiarities of your appearance.

Find your perfect fit among the following exciting blonde hair colors that will totally boost your confidence, because going blonde is an incredibly fun process.

Blonde Shades: Ideas To Pick Up Your Own Shade

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Blonde Shades: Assortment

The variety of shades varies from cold to warm and includes:

Platinum Blonde

Honey Blonde

Ash Blonde

Pearl Blonde

Natural Blonde

Beige blond

Golden Blonde

Caramel Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

“Dirty” blonde


Blonde Tint: Define Your Own Color type

To choose the best option for you, you need to consider your skin tone, eye color, and your natural hair color. Usually, light-skinned beauties go cold and shiny shades of blonde, for example, ash and platinum. Neutral tones of leather decorate golden shades. But swarths should stop looking at dark shades, for example, “dirty” or bronze. Let’s get to the bottom of this!

You are a “summer” girl if you have light skin; your curls are closer to blond or ashy; and your eyes shine blue, green, or grey. Your choice: platinum, ash, pearl, strawberry blond.

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You are a “spring” beauty if your skin is peach or milky; the natural color of the curls is cast in gold or wheat; and your eyes are green, gray, or blue. Your blond: wheat, platinum, natural, pearl, gold.

You are an “autumn” girl if you have dark skin with or without freckles; curls of reddish shades; and your eyes are green or brown. Your choice: any shades with gold and red reflections.

You are a “winter” charming woman if you have dark curls; light or greenish skin. Your blonde: bronze.

The Shade Of Blonde On The Example Of The Stars

Sometimes you don’t want to complicate your life and understand the subtleties of coloring. If this is your option, just look at the celebrities! If your skin tone and eye color coincide with those of a star, that is, 100% guarantee that you will be decorated with the same shade of blonde.

Gwen Stefani and Platinum

Margot Robbie and the golden blond

Delawn and the dirty blond

Kate Bosworth and the bronze

Kim Kardashian and the honey blond

Ciara and the golden blond

Ashley Benson and the honey blond

Beyonce and the bronze

Kerry Underwood and a natural blond

Chloe and the copper blond

Emma Stone and the linen blond

Hayden Panettiere and the iris blond

Miley Cyrus and platinum

Rita Ora and the golden blond

Michelle Williams and platinum

Gigi Hadid and the golden blond

Jennifer Lawrence and platinum blond

Jessica Chastain and the strawberry blond

Taylor Swift and ashes

Jennifer Aniston and the caramel

Mischa Barton and the dirty blond

Kirsten Dunst and caramel blond

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Amanda Seyfried and wheat caramel

Shades Of Blonde: 50 photos

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