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Let’s Adorned Clothes With Beautiful Layers Of Embroidery

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Embroidered garments are everywhere right now. Intricate, multicolored embroidered embellishments are very popular this season. This trend has affected almost all elements of women’s wardrobes. Have you ever wondered what changes we can make that will transform our embroidery styles and designs? Or how can we change the way we embroider first. Several trends are on the rise to a peak in popularity over the past pandemic year. These days, we all are provided with ample time and opportunity to indulge in our favorite craft.

Using yarn, thread, needle, and your artistic skills you are able to create an embroidered masterpiece. However, if you don’t have the skills or the luxury of time, custom embroidery pieces are readily available in online and offline stores.

Today we will tell you which things to choose with embroidery and what to mix. Check out some of the most popular embroidery trends to try this year:

Try Out These Popular Trends In Embroidery

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Embroidered shirt attracts attention at first sight. Large flowers or a fine pattern with many details – the embroidered details will add a touch of flavor to both the classic cut shirt and the more daring denim, oversize, or street style models. And the embroidery will look appropriate even on the back of the shirt. Such an interesting thing will look good with simple skinny jeans, pencil skirts or shorts.

Tops and Blouses

Embroidery can transform into a light blouse or top. Note the models in which embroidery takes up most of the stuff, and even in this version, it does not weigh the airy fabric of the blouse. Such a bright top fits perfectly with flared skirts, pencil models, and simple jeans.


Embroidered jeans are the real trend of the season! The most courageous fashionistas choose models with bright and large decor. And for those who do not like intrusive patterns, jeans with a modest, elegant embroidery on the edge or pockets of jeans. To make them look more spectacular, choose a simple enough top – a monochrome shirt or top without extra finishing.


Embroidered dress is a pretty classic combination, which is difficult to surprise. Nowadays, however, the models with this decoration are incredibly popular, and in the shops, you can find a huge number of combinations of various embroidered patterns and styles of dresses – from gentle and romantic to bold and daring. Choosing a model to your liking will not be difficult!


Embroidery fashion has also affected outerwear. Leather jackets, bombers, jeans, suede jackets, and coats – embroidered decoration is now actively used in almost every style. If you have chosen a thing with an active and flashy pattern, try not to combine it with other bright things, so as not to overload the image with unnecessary details and focus on one thing.

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Skirts And Shorts

The skirt is a basic element of women’s wardrobe, and fashion designers could not leave it without interesting variations with embroidery. Shorts with fashionable decor will also be relevant for the summer season. The most popular variant of the pattern is flower motifs, but ethnic motifs look no worse and they are also relevant in the coming season. A pencil skirt, decorated with embroidered pattern is perfect for work, more frivolous models can be worn in the club or for a walk with friends. They are perfectly combined with shirts, blouses, t-shirts, or tops.

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