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Hollywood is full of iconic and beloved movies, many of which feature surprising and talented leading women. It’s hard not to focus on the production, visuals, and costumes that help bring these films to life. It’s hard to point out the best movie hair moment. Over 100 years of film, audiences have seen dozens of amazing hairstyles – from vintage looks to wispy bangs. Do you agree that some hairstyles from movies crash into memory more than the plot? Sometimes the film just closes in the subconscious to bright images of the characters, and a film with a great story becomes more interesting if the main character has something memorable on its head. Many famous characters are known for their hairstyles and beautiful looks.

We decided to collect hairstyles from movies that we will never forget! Here is a list of some of the most memorable hairstyles in film history.

16 Famous Hairstyles That Made These Movies Iconic

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“Breakfast At Tiffany’s

A classic hairstyle after the movie’s release, it’s just a shell. The atmosphere of chic and luxury is fully expressed in the image of Audrey Hepburn. And not everyone can boast that they watched this film, the hair of the main character knows everyone!

Hairstyles From  Movies: Saturday Night Fever

A musical that became a legend thanks to the image of John Travolta. And his hair tried to copy the boys 70’s in a futile attempt to repeat the success of the protagonist.

Danny Zuko “Grease”

Oh, how much brioline was bought after this movie came out! And while there are more modern ways of styling now, many men are trying to copy the main character’s hair. And we don’t mind!

“Pulp Fiction”

Uma Thurman’s hairstyle is not new at all, but her bangs and bangs have become iconic. Bright and bold image is firmly anchored in our subconscious, don’t you agree? And after the release of the film hairdressers all over the country heard only one phrase: “To me as in Pulp Fiction!

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Movie Hairstyles: “5th element”

This film is unusually generous with bright images, from the “carrot” hair of Lilu to the hair of the main villain. What can I say, even Bruce Willis got some hair in this film! And we remember the hair of each hero of “5 elements”, which, by the way, became commonplace thanks to the hair of Milla Jovovich.


The cult film brought the long-awaited fame to Johnny Depp. Who knows, would we have remembered this musical if it weren’t for the hairstyles? Didn’t you cut your bangs in such a way that you couldn’t put them down while trying to look like Wanda? This image is relevant now and then, and the stacking of the main characters from time to time trying to copy other celebrities.

“Hunger Games”

Even the opponents of the modern epic know Effie Bryak! How else can one pass by such vivid images?

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Hairstyle From Movies: Star Wars

Princess Leia’s hair has become the object of a generation of men’s secret fantasies. We are not going to judge what they liked about the two bagels, but this image is repeated by many girls for many years, even those who have never seen this film!

“101 Dalmatians”

Cruella’s hair not only made the film brighter but also turned upside down the idea of dying. Even if with a delay, this technique has brought the world a lot of “two-color” girls. Less daring people try to “break loose” and repeat the crazy image during Halloween.

“The Great Gatsby”

The magnificent stylized film reminded us how beautiful our hair was in the 20th! And let the critics celebrate the game of Leonardo di Caprio, we will remember the “Great Gatsby” because of the stunning styling of heroines.

Hairstyle From Movies: “Amelie”

A short, slightly careless, bang-strapped carriage fell in love with a lot of girls. The hair of the main character for a long time was number 1 in all the salons of the country. Absolute success!


The hairstyles of John Travolta’s movie might compete with the plot itself. Magnificent images, thought-out styling – we won’t forget it!

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The Age Of Adaline

The way the protagonists tucked in makes you open your mouth with admiration! And let the world of cinema give us new masterpieces, this film is unlikely to be forgotten only because of the images of Blake Lively.

Hairstyle From Movies: “Gone with the Wind”

The film, which has been behind us for more than seven decades, is still in our memory. Who knows, perhaps it’s all about Vivienne Lee’s hair?

“Lord Of The Rings”

Even though the fans of the trilogy shout outraged, the film would have been quite different without the beautiful hair of the characters!

“Edward Scissorhands”

The wild hair on Johnny Depp’s character’s hair inspired a whole generation of emo! It is impossible to forget!

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