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Believe me, when you see the creative hairstyles of children, we all wanted to go back to our childhood. You will definitely regret that you cannot repeat these funny and crazy hairdos yourself. Crazy Hair Day is all about having fun, being creative, and going wild with cute and out-of-this-world hairstyles.

But you can get ideas for inspiration or make something unimaginable on the head of your daughter or niece – you can do a huge variety of options, from dramatic and abstract.

Give your hands and start making them. We’ve found some of the most creative and crazy ideas out there! The good news is that they are easy and doable at home with kids of all ages. let’s have some crazy hair fun

Try Not To Laugh On These Crazy Baby  Hairstyles

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On The Crest Of The Wave

By dyeing your hair with crayons and generously styling your hair, you can create a wave!

Baby Hairstyle “Gone With The Wind”

Why would you water your hair with tons of lacquer to make your pigtails stand? Just tie them to balloons of helium! The little princess is ensured success!

“Meet The Autumn”

Long hair can be decorated with fallen leaves, however, it will require all your skills and, perhaps, a good part of your styling products. Well, beauty requires sacrifice!

Baby Hairstyles: Love  For Cupcakes

It can be expressed differently, without gaining extra pounds, but simply by hoisting something similar to the head!

Young Naturalist Hairstyle

Dye your hair with bright crayons and seedlings all over the place. Girls will squeal unambiguously!

Children’s hairstyle “Mummy”

For those who like to tickle their nerves, that’s a great idea!

Little Mermaid

It’s a beautiful and, most importantly, an easy way to do your creative hair. Bright crayons, a “fishtail” braid, and a figure of the favorite heroine – that’s the key to success!

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With the help of hair dyes, you can create real masterpieces!

Baby Hairstyles: Unicorn

Bright color and horn, there’s nothing easier!

“Eating Is Served”

Even a disposable plate can be used to create a creative hairstyle. Go ahead!

“You Have A Beard”

Well, it’s a great opportunity to be naughty!

Baby Hairstyles: Colorful

Make your mentee some tails and paint them with colorful chalk.


Even the youngest ones wouldn’t give up on such a fervent style.


The bezel does not have to be worn over the hair, it can be worn and vice versa!

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Baby Hairstyles: “The Explosion At The Macaroni Factory

A few tight pigtails and your hair are ready!


A couple of figures will fit perfectly into your hair, and it is very easy to fix them!

“Eyes On The Back Of The Head”

With the help of blood-exciting details, you can achieve the desired effect.

Baby Hairstyles: “Light The Stars

Sneaky pucker and your hair are ready!

Hang The Garlands

Small balloons and the hair of a pretty little girl is probably the easiest option for a creative hairstyle.

Creative Children’s Hairstyles: Ideas

If you show imagination and do not deny yourself anything (and with children you can afford it!), you can create real works of art! Get inspired!

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