Cutting Hair with Hot Scissors, Fire & Razor Hair

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In this age of blow-drying, brushing, scruffy split ends seem to be inevitable. But I recently heard about some magical-sounding things called Hot Scissors, Fire, and Razor Hair.

Hot scissors, haircut by fire – you probably heard about these procedures, but you did not dare to test it yourself. And that’s because these “hot” technologies are still shrouded in fog, and it’s not clear – is it worth cutting your hair?
We decided to find out and tell you everything so that you can make the right decision!

You Decide What’s Better? Hot Scissors, Fire, or Razor Hair

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Cutting With Hot Scissors

History– The prototype of the hot scissors was still used by Cleopatra. Her slaves heated the sharpest knives on the fire, and then the hairdresser treated her hair beautifully. One enterprising man from Switzerland, hearing this story, decided to study the matter thoroughly. By trial and error, he invented a modern modification of the hot scissors, which was used by the German company “Jaguar”, which gave light to the Thermo shearing in 2003. Interestingly, the scissors are actually cold, heating only the blades at the point of cut. The temperature is purely individual and depends on the condition of your hair.

The Technique Of Execution– When cutting with hot scissors professionals carefully observe several important stages:

  • Diagnostics of hair condition in order to find the right temperature.
  • Curl up the curls in the flagella and cut the sectioned hairs.
  • Haircuts and styling at the customer’s request.

Advantages– Hot scissors as if sealed tips, preventing them from stratifying. This allows nutrients to “linger” in the hair shaft. At the same time, the hairline itself looks more well-groomed and healthy after the haircut.

Cons – To achieve this effect, you will need a few procedures that are much more expensive than a normal haircut. The time varies up to two hours, which can push away the busy girls. And lastly, often the use of ironing or hair dryer quickly “zeroes” the effect of “hot” cutting.

Hair Cutting By Fire

History– The technology, which is presented everywhere as a new one, is also “watched” in antiquity. Only then were the fire used to give shape to the hair, and now – for a pronounced therapeutic effect. Fire procedure in our latitudes appeared thanks to stylist Olga Kurbanova. In the salons, this technology “hides” under different names: Pyrophoric, hair treatment with fire, haircut with fire, or “fire cut”, but know that all this is the same thing.

Technique– In order to fill the curls with various useful substances and not damage them, the master must observe several points:

  •  Wash your heads with a special shampoo. Please note that this procedure does not require any rush strands, which are not very noticeable after the procedure, and are noticeably out of the picture.
  • Distribution by the hair of ampoules with individual composition.
  • Spraying with protein, wheat extract, vitamins, and oils.
  • Application of a special composition that guarantees the protection of your hair from fire.
  • Hair burning.
  • Cleaning the hair from the caked “extra” scales with a special composition.

Advantages– After the procedure, the hair is saturated with nutrients and protected from adverse external factors. Hair gets to shine, elasticity, and even grows faster. The effect of pyrophoric is visible for 4 months.

Cons The result of the fire mowing depends directly on the specialist’s skill. One procedure is not enough, it will take several sessions to achieve the desired effect.

Haircutting With A Razor

History– Recently, the salons have decided to surprise customers with a new procedure “shaving”. But neither the use of a razor nor the presence of a “light” does not make this technology new. The razor has been used for centuries, and the idea to use heat to seal the tips was borrowed from the above-mentioned company “Jaguar”. By the way, the new trend has become stronger due to the emergence of modern hairstyles, which are easier and faster to make a razor than a conventional tool.

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  • Cut or trim hair. It is noteworthy that the master can use ordinary scissors, not hot ones.
  • Hair treatment with a hot razor, sealing of tips.

Advantages– Despite the similarity of the procedure to the hot scissors, the use of a razor is more efficient: the wizard does not need to look at each lock, he can save you from split ends in one treatment. After shaving, the hair tips are sealed, the hair shaft itself is thickened, and a healthy shine and moisturizing appearance appear.

Cons-They are almost gone! The only thing that is important is to find a qualified specialist, as a layman would hurt your hair more than make it more beautiful.

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