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Gwen Stefani Best and Most Outrageous Hairstyles

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We love Gwen Stefani not only for her songs but also for her hair. From messy updos to ombre shades, to dead-straight hair, Gwen Stefani has tried almost everything. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes bold, often temperamental or glamorous, but always bright and unforgettable, but we can all agree that this diva is always 100 percent the fashion and beauty game.

Let’s admire Gwen’s most memorable hairstyles, see for yourself with Gwen Stefani Hairstyles and we’ll provide you with easy tips on which hairstyle to match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

13 Best & Brightest Hairstyles Of Gwen Stefani

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The Hollywood Wave

In 2003, at one of the concerts, Gwen delighted fans with her unusual image. Raging curls, lush styling – what could be better?

Gwen Stephanie’s Bright Hair : Pigtails

This may not be the singer’s best hairstyle, but she was the beginning of Gwen’s wicker epic. Since then, she has loved all sorts of braids.

High Bun

The hairstyle, as if in a hurry, is Gwen’s trademark and fully reveals its character. When Gwen wants to cheat, she signals it with a high beam.

Playing In Contest

Another iconic hairstyle by Gwen Stephanie, after a long break she decided to remember her favorite image of the 90s again. Well, quite successfully.

Gwen Stephanie’s Bright Hair : Gum

The image from the distant past has fallen into the memory of admirers for a long time. Thank God the mini-beam period is over, but we will remember this hair of Gwen forever.

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Pink Flamingo

Gwen once experimented with all the shades of hair, some color was not her talented head! But pink hair is especially memorable, probably because the singer sometimes remembers her love for this color again.

Marilyn Monroe’s Tribute

As a blonde, it’s impossible not to try on the image of Marilyn Monroe for once. Gwen’s experiment was particularly successful because she managed to combine the classics with her own unique style.


Smooth hair combined with a bangs wrapped in a roll, a great choice of Gwen.

Gwen Stephanie’s Bright Hair: The Shell

Even Gwen’s usual French hairstyle has managed to give his own style! The singer tried to copy other celebrities at once, and we understand them.

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Hairstyle “Ghostbusters”

A roll on the forehead is often used by Gwen because it suits her so well.

The Intricacies

Another proof of Gwen’s love for pigtails, but better in every sense.


Bright and unforgettable image! The higher the bangs, the more fans’ attention.


With the glamour and courage that only she had, Gwen put her hair in a high roll, leaving it in our hearts forever.

Gwen Stephanie’s Hairstyles: First Class Star-Style Secrets

To look like a bright singer, take her advice:

Don’t be afraid to mix colors

Life is too short to be bored, don’t be afraid to experiment with hair and styles.

If you like an image best, don’t be afraid to go back to it, but remember to bring in something new.

Gwen Stephanie’s brightest hairstyles: a variety of images

Gwen isn’t afraid of change and sometimes amazes us with his hair. Look at this.

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