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Iconic Styles and Fashion Trends From ’90s

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The fashion of the 90s was an absolutely unique phenomenon. Styles popular in the ’90s are just like fashion trends of any decade, they reflected both old and new ideas. However, if you take the iconic wardrobe items of the time, and skillfully combine them with clothes in the style of minimalism, you can create an incredibly stylish look. After all, this season’s trend is the style of the dashing 90s. It is so diverse that there is no girl to whom it is not suitable. In this article, we will talk about the peculiarities of the style of the last decade of the 20th century.

Let’s Love ’90s Style And Fashion Again

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Mini Skirt

One of the iconic elements of the wardrobe in the style of the 90s is a mini skirt. The motto of the time: “the shorter the skirt, the better” The most courageous girls of the time combined them with jackets, leather jackets. Today, having borrowed a mini-skirt from the 90s, it can be perfectly combined with a crop top, oversize sweater, or blouse.


In this element of the wardrobe fashionists of the 90s found everything that was so much appreciated – rebellion, audacity, and convenience. Leather jacket – out of time, therefore, has retained its relevance to this day. In addition, the “jacket” is very versatile. Combining it with torn jeans or leather trousers, a short dress, or a mini skirt, you can create an incredible amount of stylish looks.

Metallic Materials

In the early 90’s – when the disco era was still of interest to the whole country – the shiniest fabrics were used to create the shiniest outfits. In order to create an obvious look and look dignified, the best way to combine metallic wardrobe items with basic items: ducts, skirts, jeans, classic shirts, and A-silhouette dresses. So your image will acquire the necessary accents, but will not become defiant.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans – without them, 90s images are impossible! Truly hooligan and at the same time universal, they will help to set correctly the accents in the images, where the brutality and rebellious spirit are welcomed. For a comfortable outfit, combine boyfriend jeans with free T-shirts, bulk jumper jackets, and sweatshirts. To create a more glamorous image will be suitable chiffon blouses of free cut, shirts, and colored blazers.

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We cannot forget about backpacks if we’re talking about accessories a-la-la-90s. Small and large, voluminous and compact – almost every woman of fashion of that time had them. And this year they are again at the peak of popularity. The fashion industry offers a huge number of different models of this convenient and practical accessory. Therefore, picking up your backpack will not be a big deal.

Platform  Shoes

Perhaps one of the most interesting trends of the 90s was platform shoes. Especially appreciated the height of the platform. No stylish person of those times could not afford to do without such a pair. Now the shoes on the platform are again relevant, which is very pleasing, as many people like the platform for its convenience and practicality. Such shoes look great with jeans, skinny pants, culottes, skirts of different lengths, oversize sweaters, leather, and denim jackets, as well as with a dress.

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