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Velvet & Corduroy Trends Are Back In Fashion

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Velvet is one of the most luxurious materials, which transforms the image and makes it more aristocratic. In the autumn and winter season, he returned to his popularity in fashion. Now velvet things don’t look so bulky, the designers skillfully combine them with lighter and more airy fabrics. And this means that he found a place not only in the festive but also in his everyday wardrobe.

Velvet And Corduroy Styles and Trends

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Trousers or Pants made of velvet are a wonderful element of the image for every day. They can be worn with simple tops, jumpers, and sweaters. However, it is worth remembering that velvet visually adds volume to the silhouette, so be careful when choosing a model of trousers, take the one that will not fill you up and emphasize the merits of the figure.


Skirts made of velvet will be an exquisite and stylish basis for creating an everyday image. Especially the flared skirts with delicate draperies look good, giving the image depth and softness. This season we need things of classic black color, plum, olive, emerald, ruby, and dark blue. The main thing is that the color should be saturated and deep.


Classic velvet evening dresses now share popularity with everyday mini-length dresses. In combination with chiffon or lace, they look both luxurious and elegant at the same time. In this outfit, you can go to an important meeting or celebration. Complement the image with an elegant clutch and heeled shoes and you will be irresistible. Use the accessories as little as possible, as the velvet already looks very rich and expensive.

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A velvet jacket is a perfect addition to a skirt or simple jeans, transforming an everyday image into a stylish and elegant one. Choose a simple top or modest blouse for the jacket so as not to interrupt the luxury of velvet, but to emphasize it. In this image, you can safely go both to the office and to the cinema – exquisitely and spectacularly.


A bag or clutch made of velvet is the undisputed leader in accessories for a solemn image, but it can also be applied to everyday live it. In addition, it is one of the few things in which velvet can be combined with expensive, complex finishing – for example, embroidered patterns, pendants, and embroidery. No matter what case you choose a velvet bag, you will not regret your decision.


Shoes made of velvet or velour are relevant for many seasons. From ballet to shoes and boots – the choice is huge. It is worth saying that in the image is the undesirable presence of more than one velvet thing, so do not pick up such shoes to other similar things. You can only afford a belt of velvet or velour or a bag, the rest of the things let them be simpler and more restrained.

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