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Men’s Clothing: Know Your Physique And Dress Accordingly

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Before you buy a new thing in your wardrobe, you need to assess your figure. Do you have a rectangular build, or are you oval-shaped? And what is an inverted triangle frame? Although body shape is not a common discussion among men, it is important to understand what type of thing it refers to. Understanding what they match on clothes and ideally selected details are able to make the right impression. In this article, we suggest men understand this question, consider the 4 types of men figures and explain how to underline advantages and hide shortcomings through clothing and accessories.

Keep scrolling because, in this article, we’ll teach you how to avoid this mistake in the future, by showing you how to dress for your body type, as well as understanding what clothes look good on your body type. Looks is very important to have a chic look.

Clothing Tips According To Your Body Types

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Type of Shape “Inverted Triangle”

Men with the type of figure “inverted triangle” have wide shoulders, with a narrow waist and hips. This figure is considered to be the standard of male beauty, it attracts the attention of the women of the beautiful half.

The main task for this type of figure is to emphasize the courageous silhouette.

Try to choose clothes without unnecessary details in the shoulder area, such as sharp-edged lapels on jackets, shoulder pads, loose sweaters thick knitting. The top should be restrained in monochrome colors and a simple cut. Accentuate the slender torso with fitted shirts, pullovers, jackets, and T-shirts with v-neck or round necklines. Things with patch pockets in the area of hips, trousers of a straight cut, bags on a long strap, and massive footwear will help to counterbalance a bottom.

Type of Shape “Rectangle”

Men with the type of figure “rectangle” are harmoniously folded, they have shoulders of the torso and hips about the same width. Most often, they have high or medium height.

To make the “rectangle” more attractive, it is necessary to expand the upper part of the body.

Using things with a v-neck, free cut, thick knitting, you can visually increase the back and shoulders. Don’t forget the multi-layers: a scarf on top of your coat or a shirt that looks out from under the pullover will achieve the desired effect. Straight, tight-fitting chest shirts, tucked into trousers, cardigans, and zipped jackets will help you to identify the waist. Choose simple and concise shoes.

Type of Shape “Trapezium”

In men with a type of “trapezium”, the hips are more massive than the shoulders, they often have “extra” in the waist and abdomen.

The main goal of “trapeze” is to visually increase the shoulders and to hide the faults in the area of the abdomen as much as possible.

You can create a volume in the upper body with the help of pullovers and single-breasted jackets in light colors, shoulder pads, prints, and scarves. Don’t draw attention to the hips with coat pockets and jackets, and don’t wear tight jeans, your ideal choice is classic dark-colored trousers. Be careful with stuck things, they can focus on the stomach, and give preference to free and direct things.

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Type Of Shape “Oval”

Men with the type of figure “oval” have a big belly. Height is usually below average. Representatives of this type of figure have dense arms and legs and a wide neck.

We distract attention from the abdomen, and focus on the shoulders.

Choosing their clothes men “ovals” should understand that untidy things are not sitting on the size is not for you. Give up the oversize style. Pay attention to straight-cut shirts made of light-flowing fabric, preferably in a dark shade, they will help to distract the eyes from the abdomen. Straight jeans or medium-fit trousers, classic jackets, or v-neck pullovers will look good on you. But bright prints, rounded necklines, and tightening models, on the contrary, can spoil the image, emphasizing the shortcomings.

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