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What Are Chukka Shoes? Learn How To Pull Them Off

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Have you ever noticed how many types of men’s shoes are there? Of course, often we don’t think about it, putting on a familiar pair every morning, but each version of the shoe has its own characteristics and history. We have already talked about oxfords, derby, monk, loafers, topsides and different types of sports shoes.

Today our article will be devoted to chukka shoes and their subspecies – deserters. No gents shoe collection is complete without at least one pair of chukka shoes. Surely you must have seen these shoes many times in stores, and maybe even in your wardrobe. Once you find the right option, all you need to know is how to wear them for an edgy and stylish look. In this article, you will learn how to choose and wear chukka shoes correctly, as well as why the shoes are called Chukka.

With And How To Choose Wear Chukka Shoes With

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What Are Chukka Boots

Chukka shoes (sometimes there is a spelling of “chakka”) are closed men’s shoes up to ankle height with a thin lacing for 2-3 holes. Often these boots are called “deserters”, and this is also true, but only partially. Deserters are made of suede, and usually muted, “desert” flowers, while Chukka can be made of any material: from leather to textiles. Thus, deserters are a subspecies of Chukka shoes, but in shops and magazines, you can often find both.

Classic brown leather chukka boot.

Classic Chukka boots are distinguished by the following features:

  • Height to the ankle (bones), not higher
  • Two or three rows of lanyard holes
  • Traditional calfskin suede material
  • A round sock
  • Are sewn in two parts, each of which is a solid piece of leather
  • The back is sewn on top of the front
  • Open laces with thin laces
  • A thin sole made of leather or rubber
  • In the traditional version, without lining.

History Of Chukka Shoes

The name “chukka” (“chukka” in English) is derived from the term associated with polo: the seven and a half minute period of play is called “chukka” or “chukka”, and this word, in turn, comes from the Indian “chukka”, which means “circle” or “round”. The story goes on to show that lightweight calfskin and leather boots were worn by British soldiers in India in the 1920s, where they later took root in the highly popular polo game at the time.

Deserters – a suede version of Chukka shoes – became popular in the post-war period.

During the Second World War, a variation of Chukka boots was born – Desert boots, which entered the Russian language as “deserters”. This shoe was sewn according to the same scheme – two details with lacing, but the thin leather sole in them was replaced by a strong rubber one, and suede was chosen as the material. These boots, as their name suggests, were used mainly for campaigns in hot desert areas, and after the war, like many other wartime attributes, they became part of modern men’s fashion.

How To Wear Chukka Boots And Deserts

Nowadays, Chukka shoes have many varieties, which allows them to be used in a variety of styles and situations.

For example, models made of smooth leather in discreet tones can easily replace oxfords and other types of classic shoes complete with a business suit. Perhaps, they should not be used in situations that require a particularly strict dress code, but for everyday work in the office, it is a very good option.

Chukka boots won’t break the office style, but they’ll make you look a little less serious.

The most universal acquisition will be the shoes Chukka dark color, such as brown, soft suede, or leather: they will fit almost everything in the wardrobe. At the same time, the official image of such shoes will make slightly relaxed, and every day – more elegant and stylish.

Suede Chukka boots and deserters of beige, grey, green, and other neutral shades will fit well into the smart-casual style. They are recommended to be worn with chinos pants, colored jackets and jumper shirts, and polo shirts.

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In an unknown situation, combine Chukka boots with jeans – a win-win situation.

For a vivid, creative look, you can buy the light-colored Chukka boots with contrasting laces and soles that have been popular for the past few years. They will be an excellent alternative to sneakers and sneakers in kits with jeans, bright shirts, stylish jumpers, etc. The combination of deserters and colored socks also looks spectacular.

Despite their long history, Chukka shoes fit perfectly into the youthful style.

Chukka boots made of lightweight materials, such as sails, can be purchased for the summer. They can fit any jeans, including narrow ones, and help to keep a touch of elegance even in the most relaxed and comfortable setting.

Where To Buy Chukka Boots

On the one hand, it is quite easy to buy Chukka shoes or deserters, as most shoe manufacturers, as well as many casual clothing brands, produce such shoes. However, the definition of this type of shoe has been blurred over time, so that you can often see in stores any kind of shoes marked as “chukka”. This can be a bit confusing, but since it’s a casual shoe that’s supposed to fit your taste, not a clear style rule, you don’t have to worry about it. That is if you like suede boots in which not three but five rows of shoelaces – in general, what difference does it make, the main thing is that they fit your clothes and like you personally.

You can find various colors of Chukka shoes in the shops, but we advise you to pay attention to the shades of brown in the first place.

Chukka shoes have been around for almost a century: it’s a comfortable and versatile type of shoe that can serve you in a variety of situations, from the office to travel. At the same time, it is often the Chukka and deserters who can become the elements of interesting style experiments, so it is worth paying attention to such models because they love bright shoes and are a little tired of ubiquitous sneakers.

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