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Tan Removal Feet Whitening Pedicure At Home

Tan Removal Feet Whitening Pedicure At Home
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Pamper your feet with perfect home pedicures

A feet pedicure is a cosmetic treatment for the feet and nails. Regular pedicures not only keep your feet pretty but also keep your nails trimmed and skin moisturized. Pedicure includes cleaning, trimming, scrubbing, waxing, moisturizing and finally feet massaging to complete the entire process. These methods help you to condition your skin by removing dead cells which cause tan.

Women spend lots of time and money in the spas for pedicures to have healthy and whitened feet, though sometimes the result is not as per their expectations. So it is better to have our own pedicure at our home with simple ingredients than wasting more time and money on spas and parlours. Here is a simple pedicure treatment from Super Style Tips channel which can be easily done at your homes without much effort with easily affordable ingredients.

Tan Removal Feet Whitening Pedicure

Below are the steps that need to be followed during this feet pedicure,

Step -1

Sometimes you might have applied nail polishes or nail paints before doing pedicure. To remove the nail polishes, you should use acetone-free nail removers to remove the nail polish stains. Using acetone-free nail remover will help you to avoid nail damages and yellowish complex on nails. After removing the nail paints or nail polishes from your nails, use a nail cutter to cut away the unwanted nails in perfect shape. And it is necessary to cut your nails carefully on corners, because it may cause pain and swelling if the corner nails are not cut properly and it may also cause nail ingrown.

Step -2

The next process of a pedicure is waxing. To remove the unwanted hairs in the feet, use a spatula to apply cold wax on your feet. Then put a stripper on it and massage your feet and then strip the stripper in a opposite direction to complete the waxing process. This waxing process may feel a little painful but will give you a clear white skin within some time.

Step -3

Few may have yellowish colour on their nails which will make the feet look odd. So to remove the yellowish colour on your nails, take half a lemon and rub your nails gently in a circular motion. The yellowish colour on your nails will be removed and you can see the difference in few seconds.

Step -4

This cleaning process of pedicure will be loved by many women for sure. Fill a tub with warm water and add salt, half lemon, shampoo or body wash and honey in it. Mix every ingredient well in the warm water. You can also put rose petals for fragrance in the water.

Warm water helps you to remove the dead cells from your skin and will give you soft and smooth skin. And it is necessary to keep your cuticle area moisturized for cleaning. So you can apply either moisturizers or coconut oil or olive oil to keep your cuticle area well moisturized. After completing all this process, scrub your feet using foot filer to remove the dead skins and to scrub in between the fingers, use looffah scrubber to clean. You will feel light after cleaning process which will also remove the dirt and dead cells from your skin. Dip your feet in the tub for 15 to 20 minutes and make yourself relaxed after completing the entire process. Finally, use cuticle remover to remove the dead skin and dirt from the nails. Shape your nails well using a buffer to give perfect result for your nails.

This process is not painful and makes you feel relaxed. Then again dip your feet on the tub and wash it. Use clean water to wash your feet and wipe it using a towel to make it dry. Apply either moisturizers or coconut oil or olive oil or almond oil and massage it well for half a minute to moisturize the feet. The final process of this feet pedicure is regimentation. Paint your nails with your favourite and attractive colours to have alluring feet. Before polishing or painting your nails, use a base coat to have long-lasting nail stains.

This feet pedicure treatment is completely easy and can be done once in a month to beautify your feet. You can have pretty feet at your home with your own effort saving time and money. This simple feet pedicure method is highly effective and will help you to avoid tan and crack heels just with few times of doing it. Just kick away the tans and dead cells from your feet using this simple feet pedicure at your home.

Adorn your feet with pedicures.

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