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Must Have Wardrobe Essentials for Students

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Everyone should have a basic wardrobe right! And each has its own wardrobe because getting ready and feeling your best in the morning is a form of self-care for many people. Despite its versatility, the “base” of the cabinet underwent some adjustments depending on the type of activity of its owner. Thus, the basic component of a student’s wardrobe should be as convenient and flexible as possible, and the financial costs in the process of its compilation are minimal.

We present you with the absolute basic minimum in any student’s closet because no matter what the season, there are some wardrobe staples that every student should have in their closet at all times.

Simple Fashion And Style Tips For Students

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General Wishes

First of all, I would like to voice a few general rules regarding your basic student wardrobe.

We keep the course only on neutral shades. They are brilliantly combined and appropriate in educational institutions. If desired, this palette can be diluted with an accent or trendy things.

We choose only classical silhouettes.

Even ordinary basic things can be given individuality. Create complex multi-layered kits. Don’t tuck your shirt in, put the ends of the product in a knot. Trousers or jeans can be twisted and turned into a 7/8 model.

Footwear! Only on the low run or with the most comfortable heel, which will allow you to run from one training building to another at wind speed and will not cause you to be late.


Store a pair of tight shirts or blouses, one in white and the other in dark. They are sure to be useful at a scientific conference and will become the basis for smart-casual kits.

 T-shirt and a closed shirt:  which can be worn separately, and if desired – hidden under any of the shirts.

Cardigan and pullover: The latter is recommended to take with a round or V-neck, which will show the collar of your shirt. Warmer and more variety in your wardrobe.

Jacket: This silhouette item can be combined with any of the above-mentioned tips. Or even with two. Remember the layering.

Pants, Skirts, Dresses

Jeans: must have any basic wardrobe. The main characteristics – are a straight silhouette, monochrome model, classic fit, and lack of decoration. And a couple of pants are classic and more relaxed chinos

A drop of obligatory femininity. Choosing a skirt, you can stop at a pencil model. However, if you feel that this thing is too strict for you, take a flared model. It is more suitable for young ladies.

Just one dress is enough. But the product should be universal, ready to create an alliance with ballet, sneakers, and boots. We offer a model “shirt” or a straight line of thin knitwear, which is not at all whimsical in the choice of companions.


We choose the upper clothing under which we can hide any set of items above. During the demi-season period, it is possible to warm up with a straight double-breasted coat. Wishes for length and composition – up to the knee and with the addition of wool. Keep yourself warm, you don’t need to get sick passes. And in winter – quilted down coat with a hood. Down filler – plus an additional reason to buy this thing. On cold summer and warm autumn days, you can wrap up in a classic trench coat. And remember about the youth parks, which are available in a variety of variations and for any season.

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Shoes and Accessories

Choosing shoes, we will focus on the models at low speed. In summer it can be moccasins or ballets. In the autumn, we will use masculine shoes or Chelsea boots. These two pairs are perfectly combined with jeans, and with our declared models of skirts and dresses. In winter you can stop at neat lacing boots.

The bag should be spacious, ready to hide a mountain of notebooks in itself, and convenient for walks with classmates after couples. One universal model will be enough. Satchel or leather backpack is perfect for student basic kits.

Watches are required! To always be on time for couples and watch the time for the exams, when the phones are prohibited. Pay attention to the neat little model on a thin strap. Unobtrusive and does not stifle the movement.

One monochrome scarf will dilute your basic kits. Use as intended, as a bezel or tie on a bag.

Hat, scarf, and gloves! For each season – its own warmth model.


On the basis of all recommendations above, we have made an approximate base for student wardrobe, wear beige and blue shades prevail. Please note that things fit together perfectly and will look good in educational institutions. We remind you that the “base” is only 50-70% of an ideal wardrobe. In addition to it, you should have at your disposal a selection of trendy things or in your favorite style (boho or grunge), clothing for special occasions, and casual.

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