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We all take inspiration from our favorite stars, be it their clothes or hairstyles. If one day a gorgeous beauty, decides to change her romantic image to a stylish or crazy color – this is understandable. And sometimes it is much more pleasant to start a new life with a change in image. But when the change in hairstyle is too cardinal, the risks of not falling in the right stream are high and even more troubling. Or, as is the case with stars, unsuccessfully annoy their loyal fans.

Even the biggest names in Hollywood sometimes fall for a bad haircut or style. In this article, we’ve rounded up the worst celebrity hairstyles to give you an idea of ​​what NOT to do with your next trim.

Celebrity’s Worst Haircuts, Because More Isn’t Always Better

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Britney Spears

It’s no wonder she’s the one who opens the list of badly cut celebrities. Everyone remembers how the pop diva at the end of the zero “psycho” shaved bald. It was a psychological breakdown, no beauty here and do not come to think about it. But then there was a lot of noise. Being bald Brit did not go at all. Now the thirty-five-year-old star remains devoted to the dense blonde and looks, though not so fresh as in a video “Baby one more time”, but still stylishly.

Kristen Stewart

Not so long ago, the performer of the lead role in the Twilight Saga shaved at zero and painted the remaining hedgehog in white. Part of her decision was related to the recent perfect coming out. Although, if you actively follow the history of the image of Kristen – feminine to catch her rarely managed.

Many fans admit, that in “Twilight” Chris looked very nice and natural with her natural chestnut curls. Alas and ah.

Lena Headey

This actress has been famous for the last few years for one of the main roles in “Game of Thrones” – Cersei Lannister. Those who watched the series from the beginning and at least to the middle, remember how the chic light-rustic curls in one day turned into “Emeline Pot”. And the incredibly feminine image was irretrievably lost.

It’s funny, but outside the filming Lena Headey is generally brunette. And despite the pleas of fans in love with Cersei, still remains true to the dark color.

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Scarlett Johansson

Actress Scarlett Johansson has a very specific appearance. Despite her massive nose with “potatoes”, which, judging by the photo, she has already managed to fix a couple of times, her face looks very attractive due to sensual puffy lips and expressive light eyes. When the actress wore long hairstyles, the features of her appearance looked harmonious. Alas, but a short haircut distorted her facial features and emphasized the drawbacks.

As she grew older, her face lost its roundness and became more elongated, and Scarlett’s short haircut only emphasized it. Scarlett’s head, and especially the back of his head, looks very massive with a short haircut. In our opinion, a short haircut by the beautiful Johansson is not suitable, it makes her image too manly. But, of course, it is up to her to decide.

Emma Watson

After Emma’s haircut as a boy, it’s been years. Her hair has managed to refresh its length three times, and the image has finally returned to femininity. Hermione is inseparable from Emma Watson, though the actress perfectly performs roles in other film projects.

We represent Emma Watson as a freckled curly thin girl with a snout nose, although today she is a 27-year-old woman with a rare natural beauty and not very thick, but always stylishly styled hair. Nevertheless, we all remember 2010, when the actress suddenly came out a thin boy. Fans were divided into “for” and “against”: still, a rare acting talent star justified the act, and a haircut in some way took place.

And yet, after the role in the teenage melodrama “It’s good to be quiet” Em released long hair and so far, thank heaven, holds on.

Kate Hudson

Not so long ago, pretty blonde Kate walked over her head with a hair clipper, too.

We got used to her pretty face, framed by light strands. Kate Hudson, like her star mom, won the title of Hollywood glamorous blonde but didn’t let herself fall into stereotypes. Kate always tries to look stylish and, despite some features of appearance, correctly forms his own image. However, this summer the pictures of the actress with a short dark hedgehog instead of blond curls leaked to the press. They say that Kate has changed her image for a new role – either in the movie or in the video. Apparently, the goal justifies the means.

All the same, admirers of Hudson immediately noted that the image of her, to put it mildly, was not to the face. By the way, it was the face that was most affected by the short haircut. The cheeks began to look even more voluminous, and the ears, which were previously considered a highlight of Kate, now have nothing to cover at all. It’s cold, I guess.

Katy Perry

Another Kate who decided to make a big change. By the way, the singer’s real name is also Catherine Hudson, so our bald celebrities are also namesakes. So, Katie Perry ascended the pedestal of fame as a burning brunette with huge blue eyes. Over the years, spent on stage, her image has changed countless times. Katie’s blue, pink, straw yellow hair emphasized her disgust and personality.

And here’s one of her last attempts to stand out – Katie Perry couldn’t stand out from the world at all. She cut off her thick, dark hair and dyed it… yes, yes, into white.

The obscure style race with Miley Cyrus, copying someone else’s image, brought the singer to the point where once the original and cool Katie reminds Eminem more of today than herself. Maybe it’s just boring, maybe it’s looking for yourself. It is impossible to say yet that they are successful. But Kate sings everything as spectacularly.

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The famous Single Lady Beyonce, it turns out, got her hair cut for a boy, too. However, in her rich creative way, this miss was easily lost. And it’s good – the usual magnificent curls, bold afro, pigtails, and curls – all this looks much more harmonious on the goddess of modern R&B. Somewhere in the near 2013 Bay got her hair cut to look like a boy. Why – the question is open.

The hairstyle is practical, but it has added a few years to the famous beauty. Knowles learned the lesson, and today, looking at the photo of the 13th year, probably, the length has been restored.

Anne Hathaway

The owner of the magnificent charcoal-black hair also stepped on this rake. Anne cut her hair like a boy during the filming of the musical “The Outcast”. There she played poor Fantine, who for the sake of her daughter sold all the most expensive things that she has – including gorgeous braids. In real life, Anne does not have to sell her hair, and hopefully, she won’t cut it so short any more. Huge eyes, along with the same huge and sensual mouth actress was in perfect harmony with the dark thick mop. But not many will remember Hathaway and blonde: in a sad love movie “Humpback Mountain” Anne played a bleached madam with such a fashionable in the 80s lush staircase. Funny.

Angelina Jolie

Back in the 90s, even Angelina Jolie did a cardinal haircut. And who wasn’t Angie at all? One of the most beautiful women in the world maintained their status, transforming into any image and trying on any image. But not a haircut “under the boy”.

Here is a story like Cersei: long thick curls + Jolie = the goddess of modernity. Jolie – smart shovel = cute mediocrity. Still, beauty is in the details. Angelina Jolie is just the case when a simple classic turns all fashion into consumer goods

The famous beauties have changed their images at all times. Every year, a star cuts off her gorgeous hair for a new role or to surprise, or maybe because she is tired of everything. There are still a lot of famous girls and women who found their own unique style with a haircut “under the boy”. But, alas, this image is not for everyone.

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