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Camping Hair Care & Hairstyle Ideas

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Are you too covered in goosebumps from the thought of hiking and refuse to enjoy yourself out of fear for your hair? Many girls associate the word “hike” with icicle stripes on the face, greasy and licked hair, and photos that no one wants to show. Of course, you always want to be beautiful everywhere, and it’s also possible to be beautiful on a camping trip! The main thing is to know what kind of hair to do and how to keep your head clean. And we will help you with that.

Tips To Maintain Your Hair If You Go Camping

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Camping Hairstyles

To keep your hair beautiful and fresh for a longer time, it is advisable not to leave it loose, so you will protect it from wind, sun, and dust. Choose the best!


I guess you can’t find a better hairstyle for a nature trip! In addition, you can choose from many variations of the beam, suitable for you, and decorate it with weaving or funny accessory.

Hair In The Hike: Ponytail

Yeah, the good old tail will be absolutely appropriate here, but try to keep your bangs off your forehead. Otherwise, you risk getting fat strands on your face.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, decorate your usual hair with wicker.

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You can use a few rubber bands for security.

By the way, you might as well cheat and make two tails instead of one!

Spit on your side

If there’s a backpack behind your back, a regular braid or tail isn’t very comfortable. So choose a braid on your side, especially since it’s beautiful and easy!

Hair in the hike: two pigtails

Very convenient option, stylish, fun and goes all! And when you unspread your hair, they will please you with charming curls.

Cruise: Loose Hair

If you don’t face long transitions, you can leave your hair loose. Just make sure you keep your hair away from your face. In nature, the face quickly becomes greasy, why put at risk the purity of their curls?

What Do I Do If My Hair Is Already Dirty?

Cover with a bandana or a hat! Especially since there are so many cute options!

How To Wash your Hair on A Camping trip

If you’re going on a long-term hike, you just need to take care of your dry shampoo in advance! It is not always possible to swim in the nearby river, so why take the risk? Thank God, there is a lot of money on the market, and we have chosen the best for you!

Batiste Volume XXL– is a dry shampoo from the company that first released this product. Naturally, at the moment they have succeeded and even produce additional products for shine and hair volume.

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2. Oriflame “Maximum volume” – a great choice, given that you can choose shampoo on the type of hair.

Garnier Fructis “Elastic volume” – is a proven shampoo, although it is more suitable for dry or normal hair owners.

Luxurious Refresh Dry John Frieda – is a product whose application differs from the usual one. Please note that it should be sprayed at a distance of 10 cm from the roots.

Klorane shampooing seboregulateur – is the best option for oily hair, a real rescue in hiking conditions!

How To Use Dry Shampoo

Hiking And Hair Beauty Are Compatible?

Yes! Take advantage of our advice and get out into the wild!

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