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Update Your Closet With These Trendy Sportswear

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In the past few years, the sports style has flourished – this is when a sports thing is worn with a catchy glamorous companion. However, the trend is moving towards simplicity and the athleisure style comes to replace it. The word athleisure comes from athletic – sport and leisure – recreation, leisure. This means putting sports on everywhere!

This trend is linked to the global trend toward yoga, fitness, sports, and healthy lifestyles. This is especially popular in California. When you have +18 outside your window in winter, which would not be to walk in elk all year round.

We will learn how to incorporate sports into life, train our eyes and see the images from celebrities and bloggers. To begin with, it is worth learning the style of modern sports icons, and these are Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, and Rihanna.

Have A Look At These Key Sportswear Pieces

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Tights or leggings are ideal for those girls who have a slender sports body – we combine them with short tops. You can add a top layer of shirt, cardigan, or elongated bomber. If you are not ready to show in all the beauty of your hips, the elk can still be worn. Simply combine them with a long sports shirt and long hoodies.


Joggers are sweatpants, or sports pants are masters of sportswear for lovers and for young mothers. Excellent replacement for jeans. But if you intend to look like a fashion blogger, pay attention to the color – in the trend gray joggers, or pastel shades.


Sports Pants With Stripes

Stripes are a trend that has been gaining momentum for several seasons in a row. Short pants with strips look great with heels and simple sneakers.


I just love hoodies. There is nothing complicated – we combine them with joggers, leggings, and jeans. You can wear a hoodie with a jacket print – it will be fashionable and warm.

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You are clearly aware of fashion trends. In combination with a semi-sporting look, dress or leggings and hoodie – we get the desired sports bow.

Nylon Tracksuits

Nylon colorful sports costume jackets – hello from the 90s, remember them? They’re in fashion. I really don’t see them on the streets until our fashionista got to them. But American celebrities wear them, so you want to become a sports-style icon – welcome.

Sports Tops

Sports short mesh and microfiber tops for those who are ready to showcase press cubes. In order not to look too vulgar, we add a second layer to the image – jeans, cardigan, and shirt.

Dresses in Sporty Style

For lovers of “hotter”, and yet not wanting to lose comfort and exchange crosses for heels. “Sports dresses are your choice. Look at the photo and learn from Rihanna what dress is worth buying to be a star of sports style!

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