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You’re going on a date and you don’t know what type of hair to do? Believe me, as practice and inquiry with addiction, men have shown, prefer simple styling.
Having the right hairstyle can be the difference between starting a date off on the right foot or going on the wrong date. After all, first impressions really matter!

We decided to show you the best hairstyles for your first meeting, and tell you which hairstyles you should avoid at this crucial moment of your life.

Some Best And Worst Hairstyle Ideas For Your Date Night

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Good Idea: Get Your Hair Around Your Neck

As men have said, hairstyles with open necks and shoulders cause them tenderness and a desire to protect. Not a bad start, don’t you think? And the fact that these styles go to almost every girl, adds them a few points! Most importantly, your hair should be a little careless and natural, your task is to determine how exactly you will collect the curls. We have prepared several profitable options. Choose yours and go ahead!

Date Hairstyles: Bad Idea

Don’t be too careless! A man cares about the appearance of his hair, and if it looks like a nest, he will never want to let it go!

A nice accessory on the hair will be on the subject, but here you need to feel the edge!

Good Idea: Make A Ponytail

Excellent and, most importantly, quick styling for a date. Men intuitively reach out to the “tailed” girls, and it’s on your hand! It’s important, don’t forget, that you need to make an impression, but not to get off as a girl “from our yard”. So learn to make the tail unusual! Here are some tips for you.

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Date Hairstyles: Worst Idea

We think no comment! Such tails you can only afford at home, and then on bad days!

Good Idea: Braid Your Hair

It doesn’t have to be a braid, you can just weave your hair. Men don’t like complicated, so don’t bet on sophisticated styling. Ease, simplicity, and naturalness – that’s the key to success! With the help of our tips, you can cope very quickly!

Hairstyles For A Date: No Way!

Never do too much styling with the braids! Firstly, men don’t like it, secondly, you risk becoming like this young lady!

Don’t make a la Timoshenko scythe!

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Don’t braid your braid like at school, remember how the boys reacted to it?

Good Idea: Soft Curls

According to the men, this hairstyle is guaranteed to be a success! You want to immerse yourself in the soft, falling curls. To make “correct” packing, use a photo prompt.

Date Hairstyles: Bad Idea

Too tight curls, generously watered with lacquer, can only scare away any fan from you, even the most fearless one! Do not forget about the naturalness and slight negligence, these two factors will ensure your success on a date.

Good Idea: Set Him Up For A Romantic Mood

Hair with flowers in your hair is so cute! Men vote chorus for “flower” styling! One nuance: flowers should not take all the attention to themselves, but only emphasize the beauty of your hair.

Hairstyle For A Date: Never

Don’t turn your head into a flowerbed, it won’t do you any good!

Good Idea: Make A Bun

This hairstyle has always been a source of emotion for men. But it turned out that the careless and free bundles are very much liked by the strong sex. Therefore, master a few techniques and boldly run on a date!

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Date Hairstyles: Bun Like A  Librarian

It’s this hairstyle that makes men grit their teeth and tachycardia. We don’t know what the librarians didn’t like about it, but it’s hardly the right reaction for a romantic meeting.

By the way, the carelessness of the beam shouldn’t go off the scale either.

Hairstyle For A Date: Men Vote Against

It turns out that some men’s hairstyles just hate it! So that you don’t want to make them for a date, we decided to warn you. So, never.

Wild bouffant with ton varnish

Roll of hair

Flowers of hair

“Grandmothers” hairstyles

Insane and inappropriate styling

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