Hollywood Celebrities & Their Unforgettable Bad Hairstyle

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You admire their hair on the red carpet, sigh silently, see shiny hair in a movie or video, or maybe not for nothing? Celebrities’ hair is sometimes good only through the efforts of stylists, but stars themselves sometimes suffer from their own curls.

Just because celebrities have access to super talented professional hairstylists, doesn’t mean their hair won’t be bad. A bad haircut can result in more than a few mean jokes, especially with celebrities. After exhausting their hair with constant styling, few beauties take the risk of turning into Bruce Willis! Let’s find out which celebrities are absolutely not jealous.

Take a look at the most awesome celebrity hairstyle ever.

Famous Hollywood Celebrities And Their Bad Hairstyle

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Celebrity Hair: Naomi Campbell

A black panther is a real victim of his profession! Naomi quickly loses her curls and no longer appears on the set without a wig. So what you see in the commercials, is not the real hair of the famous model. Eh, we sympathize!

Kim Kardashian

Whatever epithets Kim’s hair was given. Indeed, they usually look great: smooth, shiny, silky… Or maybe they’re just lucky curls? Recent photos of the girl have shown the world that Kim’s hairline is pretty thin and her hair needs urgent resuscitation.

Celebrity Hairstyle: Cate Blanchett

The famous actress has such thin hair that it’s hard to create anything on her head. Kate doesn’t try to fight with natural data, so she chooses haircuts suitable for rare haircuts. And correctly, this is the only way to avoid the fate of previous beauties.

Uma Thurman

Unfortunately, the owner of remarkable talent, can not boast of a thick hair. More often than not, she can be seen with hanging icicle hair. But, notice, what a good styling she chooses!

Celebrity Hairstyle: Tyra Banks

Another victim of fashion is the model’s hair in a hurry to leave her head, and what you usually see is just a wig.

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Kristen Stewart

The hair of the recent starlet is admirable – thick, voluminous … But Kristen herself is not able (and does not like) to take care of them! As the celebrity herself admitted, she does not often take a comb in her hands, once every three days. That is why Kristen is the owner of the most neglected hair on the star Olympus. Here is disrespect for his natural data!

Celebrity Hairstyle: Beyonce

Surprised? Believe me, so are we! The sweet-voiced singer has thick curly hair, which is not easy to handle. Apparently, in the pursuit of smoothness, Beyonce has lost a lot of her curls lately.

Oprah Winfrey

Imagine how much effort it takes to put such hair in a neat hairstyle! No, the Definition isn’t exactly the envy of you!

Janet Jackson

After losing weight, Janet lost her hair with the extra pounds. The star was hiding her baldness under her wigs, but recently she was tired of it. The result is obvious.

Celebrity Hairstyle: Britney Spears

The pop diva’s too keen on lightening her hair, which isn’t very well-groomed anymore. Apparently, the desire for beauty has led to a desire to expand the hair, which was not very successful. Britney’s head reminds rather of a hairbrush forgotten in a corner of a doll and urgently demands a comb.


Recently, the celebrity has been shocking his fans with too wide a sample. It turns out that Fergie is losing her hair to stress. Eh, how important it is to stay calm!

Celebrity hairstyle: Cameron Diaz

Hollywood’s most smiling star doesn’t despair that she has such fine hair. Instead, she chooses the right hairstyles and styles! And, though you don’t envy their curls of Cameron, we never stop admiring her!

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