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Did you know that volumetric hairstyles are back in fashion? Stop straightening and smoothing your hair, let’s make something more global on our heads. All the more so because you no longer have to run to the hairdresser and chop your hair with “chemistry” to make your hair shiny. You can do this on your own, without straining your curls.

In this article, we’ve already discussed the secret reasons why your thinning hair isn’t curling – and how to fix it. There are many ways to chop, style, and color your beautiful stands that will give them maximum volume and bounce.

Awesome DIY Voluminous Hairstyle Ideas

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Volumetric Hairstyles For Short Hair

A short haircut already tells me your hairdresser has taken care of the volume. But if your hair is thin, you’ll probably need more manipulation.

Wash your head and dry your hair a little with a towel and then apply a styling product. We recommend a cream or mousse, our choice is L’OREAL professional. Don’t overdo it with the mousse, your hair has enough volume to fit around a grape. Distribute the mousse all over your hair, brush your hair and then you can blow dry it. You’ll need a large-diameter round comb, but it’s the only one that can help you do your hair volume. Once you’ve finished styling, accentuate the individual stripes with wax. Important: Sushi hair to the victorious end, even a little moisture will reduce to “no” all your efforts.

Volumetric Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

You can either act like in the previous version or roll up your curls on the big rollers. Do not forget to use the stacking agent, you will need a little more walnut.

Volume Hairstyles For Long Hair

Your task is to create a root volume because often under the weight of the mane your hair looks “shiny”. Treat wet hair with a styling product. You need lightweight styling products so you don’t have to weigh your hair down anymore. We recommend the Sutil balm from Muster e Dickson.

Drying hair with your head down is much easier than dividing the hair into sections. Guide your hairdryer only to the roots, so you save the tips from unnecessary stress. After drying the roots (only dry!), twist the tips onto a large diameter round brush. Don’t use lacquer, it will only make your hair heavier, and this is the enemy of volume.

If The Volume Isn’t Large Enough

Maybe it’s time you went to the barber and told him everything you think about him! Or rather, ask for a big haircut. A real master can “program” your hair for extra volume regardless of its length and structure. In the favorite, as always, graduated hairstyles, it is they that noticeably lift the hair.

Volume Hairstyles: Bouffant

If you don’t have time for hairstyling, and you need a lot of space, then use the universal method – make yourself a comb. Dry hair (this is very important) with a comb with frequent tooth combing of each buckle. Be extremely careful and only at the roots (grab approximately 2-3 cm of each strand). Your hair is very traumatic for your hair, so don’t get carried away. Then smooth out the top buckles with a comb with natural bristles so that your manipulations are not visible to others. By the way, a good, “right” comb is able to hold on for about three days.

Volume Hairstyles: Options

Now that you’ve taken care of the volume, you can choose what kind of hair to build. You can leave your hair loose to amaze everyone with your mop, put it in a scythe, stab it in the tail, stab it in the shell. Show your imagination! And we have picked up the most fashionable hairstyles of this year for all occasions.

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