Stylish Experiment of Hidden Hair Coloring for Women

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Dreaming of trendy, bright hair color but you just can’t afford it? Then the hidden color is your option. Hidden hair colors have become a trend in recent times. The idea is to paint your chosen hidden hair color through the middle section of your hair. With this hair color you will fit into absolutely any, even the strictest, dress code, will attract the parents of the chosen one, and if you wish, with a light movement of the hand you will be with others. Can sharpen the eyes.

Let’s know everything about it. What is hidden hair? Let’s deal with it. Check out the cutest hair color ideas we’ve ever seen.

Let’s Try This Modern Trend Of Hidden Hair Coloring

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Short Educational Program

Concealed dyeing is just a block dyeing of hair, in which strands are dyed in blocks and often in very bright colors. It is not necessary at all, you can choose gentle shades.

In our case, the strands for dyeing are selected on the occipital or temporal area of the head. Thus, the main part of your curls will cover your colored hair with their weight.

Hidden Coloring

You don’t really have a lot of options, but if you have a fantasy, you can turn around here! There are three main ways of staining:

  • Iridescent
  • Straightforward
  • Colored omber.

Let’s consider each type in more detail.

Rainbow Hidden Coloring

For this dyeing, the area on the back of the head is separated from the ear to the ear and pre-clarified. This is essential because the saturated colors require a special approach. The prepared curls are colored in iridescent colors, which is especially attractive for children and teenagers. But believe me, these shades are also popular with adults and self-sufficient girls!

Straight Coloring

In this case, your stylist can use the hair on the back of the head and in the temporal zone. At the same time, the top and parietal zone are not involved in the fairy tale, but the remaining lucky ones can take on several colors.

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Colored somber

In our opinion, this is the best option, as you can choose any area for dyeing. The principle is the same as in a classic omber: the color is stretched from one to the other, and several shades can be used.

Hidden Coloring: Advantages

  • Controlled image change (you can hide or show vivid colors with just one movement of your hand);
  • The ability to experiment with makeup;
  • Saving time on styling (of course, the lion’s share of the image will be on the hair color).

Hidden Coloring: Disadvantages

  • The complexity and duration of the procedure;
  • Colors fade with time;
  • The need to make color corrections in case of hair regrowth.

What To Choose?

When choosing a shade, be guided by the basic hair color. Blondes and red-haired beauties fit almost all tints from pastel to contrast. Owners of dark hair are recommended to aim at cold shades, but bright fiery ones are also suitable.

Care Features

After concealed staining, your curls will require specific care. And the point is not only that the curls, as well as after any dye, are injured. It is important to keep the brightness of the shades as long as possible, so choose a soft shampoo, do not forget about moisturizing, forget about hot laying and enjoy the attention of others!

Hidden Coloring: Ideas

So, do you still have doubts? And we’re not anymore, we’re signing up for the salon! Look at the photo for inspiration and don’t get lost, be bright.

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