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Katy Perry’s Epic Hairstyle Evolution Over Time

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Katy has done many hair transformations. After gaining fame in 2008, the pop star dyed her hair black. Since then, Katy Perry’s hairstyles have changed probably 70 times. Is the singer’s mood and worldview so changeable, or is it just a tribute to fashion and a bright image?

Whatever the case, if there’s one star who’s managed to rock almost every cut, color, and style imaginable it’s probably Katy Perry. Perry has rocked everything from bubble gum pink curls to deep green waves.

Today, we’ve decided to pay tribute to all of the California Gurl’s different hair looks throughout the years. Check out some of Perry’s hottest looks ever.

Katy Perry’s Hairstyle Transformation And Her Changing Looks

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Angel From The Church Choir

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (the singer’s real name) grew up in a religious family. Her parents were pastors in the church where little Katy sang in the choir. By the way, she looked really angelic at the time: huge blue eyes, light skin, and neat “straw” punishment. Well, a real scarlet flower. Already in her childhood, Catherine dreamed of becoming a popular singer, however, the performance of religious motives was not included in her plans for the future.

This is how Katty Perry looked in her youthful years:

Kate Hudson

The album with the real name of the singer instead of the name comes out at the beginning of zero. The girl had already got her first contract with Red Hill Records, but she was not famous for the album with the girl’s name or the image of the time.

She was still blonde, but the songs were not angelic anymore. Katherine Hudson was already out of her nest, but she couldn’t make it to the top. Kate Hudson’s album and ridiculous light tails don’t bring her much success.

How Did Katy Perry’s Classic Hairstyles Begin

That’s why, after her unsuccessful debut, she chooses the opposite image, though not cardinally: she dresses up in a brunette. Dark-haired beauty with a pearl shade of skin takes the mother’s name and only after that becomes popular.

At the end of the zero years, her fame spreads all over the world. The first single “UR So Gay” does not go unnoticed – Katy’s rebellion wakes up famous.

All over the world, Perry becomes a star after a sensational hit with no less controversial title “I kissed a girl”.That was in 2008. The singer’s images became more and more daring, though her hair looked more like the retro style of the 40-50s. And it plays into her hands, by the way.

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Classic Hollywood Trends

The fashion that the 20th-century movie divas asked for is Katy Perry’s choice. If it all started with retro curls and pin-up hairstyles, then Katy seems to move on chronologically. Katie Perry’s Hollywood hairstyles are worn until the end of 2008.

And, despite the short charcoal-black hair, the waves on Katy’s head look concise and at the same time gorgeous. It’s unlikely that she stood out from other shocking stars. At that time, Lady Gaga had already risen to the peak of her popularity, so Katy Perry was more likely to be perceived as a light and humorous girl from the next door. Well, with its strange, of course.

Hit Color

The first time he changed Katy Perry’s beloved black shade was in 2010. Together with Snoop Dog, the singer plunges into the caramel-marble world of “California Gurls”.

In the video, she is naked or almost naked but literally bathes in sweets. In almost 4 minutes, the star changes her hair several times: it’s a lilac carre, bright blue retro curls, and her favorite black. Of course, colored wigs are almost everywhere. But multicolored hair, apparently, so caught the artist that she will walk for years to come in all the colors of the rainbow. By the way, the duo with Snoop Dog explodes the charts, and the multi-colored Katy fixes the status of a world star.

Focus On The Eyes

Katy’s red carpets and social gatherings were not very dismal at the time. Outside the clips, Katy chooses modest, neat hairstyles. The style of styling is romantic. These are both curls and direct frames from “Pulp Fiction”, and completely cleaned up hair. During these years, Katy Perry is a traditional, searing brunette. That’s how she is remembered by her fans today. Her look was often the main accent of the whole image. Even with a minimum of cosmetics, the singer’s eyes are probably visible for 200 meters.

Give Me Back My 2007

After the color experiments in the candy clip, Katy Perry tries coloring (seriously?). Multicolored strands are shimmer with pink and purple against the background of a black mop of hair. Still dark figs-ice, and you can believe that the subculture of emo is not extinct. Although, it is worth paying tribute to the singer: all the unsuccessful experiments with hair she gave so confidently that her style copied millions.

More Volume!

In 2010, the star marries a British comedian and actor named Russell Brand.

The wedding of the star couple is organized by singer Rihanna. By the way, the dark-skinned artist Katy Perry considers her best friend. Who knows, maybe they made up brave images together?

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Marriage with a humorist lasted only a year, in 2011, the couple is divorcing. At this time, the singer prefers the same old total black hairstyles. Whipped up, the mop was playing with the rings, and then took the form of a dark-haired version of “Stifler’s mother”. By the way, it didn’t last long. After the divorce, Catherine “calms” her hair, styling hair in elegant smooth waves.

Hair Brightener Failed

For the first time after eleven years of dark hair, Katy decides to lighten her hair. However, unlike the myriad of straw and platinum blond stars, she chooses a darker version of the blonde. Although, perhaps, for so many years of loyalty to the black pigment, it was not so easy to lighten the hair? In any case, Katy wasn’t morally ready for a honey shade. As proof of this catchy and inappropriate makeup, as if saying, “I am still a brunette in my mind.

I must say that in these years the singer “star” to the fullest. Her album Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection is a treasure trove of hits.

” In my songs, I am who I am”

Katy Perry never tires of saying that she tries to be herself on stage, in clips, and on the carpet. What can I say here, this girl is a real attraction. In 2012, after the release of the expanded version of Teenage Dream, she collected a whole collection of stage images. It is also an alien diva with a complex multi-colored structure on her head in the video “E. T.”, a gray mouse with braces on its teeth at the American party “Last Friday Night”, and a la natural in the background of fireworks in “Firework”.


Still, no matter how you play it, the style of retro beauty from the American posters of the 40s is her favorite image of Katy Perry. At a time when being the same is a pledge of boring ladies and is simply impossible for a star of the world scale, the singer chooses a bright color of her retro.

Almost neon pink is very good for a light-skinned artist. The girl chooses accessories from her grandmother’s chest: ribbons, rims, rims, and flower hairpins. And, despite the usual image, all this creation looks bright and new.

Breaking Bad

After the pink in the life of the singer began a real multi-colored splash. Katy Perry’s hairstyles changed every couple of months. First, she cut off the “extra,” leaving a neat, asymmetrical bean on her head, which changed its palette every time of year. From strawberry pink to bright blue.

Short strands were replaced by high combed and tailed strands in the “I’m a rainbow pony” style. Katy Perry’s multicolored hairstyles continued for about a year until she returned to her good old-fashioned retro, only in purple and with grown-up dark roots.

Hollywood Chic Again

At the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, the singer enters the carpet with a long Hollywood wave covering her right eye. Katy must have been in a classic mood that day: the star’s strands were not showing a trace of old paint. Only black, only classic.

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Snow White Is Black

Natural colors in makeup, elegant dresses, and simple hairstyles. Katy Perry looks really feminine, but she’s still the same fairy tale detour. At the age of 30, the singer looks her own age or even older, but remains fresh. All thanks to a clear look and a sincere smile. She uses almost no hair accessories, her curls are often loose and voluminous.

Twenty-Five Again

In 2014, she’s going crazy again. After the release of Prism’s album, Katy Perry roars like a lion from her song “Roar”, then sank to the bottom of the sea (judging by the choice of shade of hair). The gamut on her head is once again full of bright colors. The singer has often been blamed for her vulgar, overgrown roots and bold shades, but this has not stopped her.

Katy Perry combines a romantic flower suit with green careless strands and overgrown roots with ease. At the Grammy ceremony in 2015, the singer chooses a feminine image and a purple whipped mop. A direct hit on the target! Looks really harmonious.

Be Like Miley

Katy Perry does manage to take the position of the lead breakaway after all. She’s one of the people who’ve been epitomizing. But even there, alas, is a great competition. At her peak of popularity – Miley Cyrus with her cardinal blonde boyfriend. Well, how to stay here. Katie Perry, while remaining herself, of course, cuts her colorful feathers and brightens them in platinum. Now her image is shocking, but it reminds somebody.

So Far, On The Light Side

Well, Catherine must be so tired of all these flowers and pin-ups that she decided to stay in the light. She has already experimented with the lightened haircut several times: it’s a very short hedgehog, asymmetrical bangs, and a comb. Now her choice has fallen on snow-white curls of medium length. She weaves braids and whips strands on the back of her head. In short, she has fun as she wants.

After breaking up with Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry cut her hair pretty short:

Over the years Katy Perry has tried almost every possible hairstyle. But being always so different, she manages to maintain her naturalness. No, not in hair color and makeup – but in the image as a whole. And even though today her strands are perhydrol, and tomorrow – the colors of dawn on Mars, Katy remains one of the most sincere stars of the world show business.

So Katie looks now.

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